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Whatever your crafty project, add the perfect finishing touch with our comprehensive selection of embellishments at Spotlight. Whether you are crafting or card-making, creating home decor projects, scrapbooking, or anything else, we have the embellishments for you. From sparkly rhinestones to a massive selection of stickers and stamps, Spotlight has all the supplies that you could desire, as well as the necessary tools, equipment and accessories needed to apply them.

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Which Embellishments Should I Acquire For My Crafting Collection?

Avid crafters often have a range of embellishments in their personal collection, this enables them to have quick access to them if they are needed. Of course, if you are just starting out with crafting, you may have problems deciding which embellishments to obtain. Below, Spotlight has provided an overview of the essential embellishments every crafter requires.

Why Do I Need Japanese Paper Tape?

One popular embellishment you cannot go without is a roll of Japanese paper tape, or several if you have the budget. Japanese paper tape can be used in a variety of crafts and could even provide a lovely effect on your next gift-wrapping project.

Japanese paper tape is characterised by an intricate design and an adhesive back, this enables crafters to use the tape as a decorative accent. It is commonly used for borders in papercraft projects, but also to make a wrapped gift even better.

Why Do I Need Buttons?

Even if you do not sew, there are a hundred million reasons why crafters should have some buttons in their embellishment collection. While buttons are certainly essential for sewing projects, they can be used for mosaic art, doll making, and other crafts that require that extra stitch of creativity.

Why Do I Need Gems?

When you look at the crafting supplies of an avid crafter, it is likely they will have an immense collection of gems. Now, when we mention gems, we do not always mean expensive diamonds and precious stones, although this may be accurate in some instances. In fact, gems can also be made from simple materials such as plastic and glass.

Gems find applications in almost all crafting projects. They are used as embellishments on crafted greeting cards, fashion, and even to liven up your latest pottery project. They can even be used as accents on a woodworking project. So, no matter which craft you are interested in, there is always an application for a selection of gems from Spotlight.

Why Do I Need Fabric Shapes And Embellishments?

Anyone who loves sewing can appreciate both simple and elaborate fabric shapes. While you could make these shapes yourself, it is often easier to use some of the fabric embellishments to finish a fashion design you have created. In some cases, it could even make a design better.

Of course, fabric embellishments do not only find applications in the world of fashion. They can be used in scrapbooks, greeting cards, and other creative masterpieces you regularly work on. Therefore, fabric shapes and embellishments undoubtedly belong in this overview.

Why Do I Need Wooden Shapes In My Personal Crafting Collection?

Much like fabric shapes, wooden shapes find loads of applications in crafting projects. While the most evident project may be a woodworking one, there are other applications that cannot be forgotten either. In fact, you can use wooden embellishments to make paper heavier and more intricate. You could also use it to create your own artwork on a blank board. The applications are limitless.

Why Do I Need Flakes And Glitter In My Crafting Collection?

When you think about flakes and glitter, the one thing that springs to mind is your childhood. While there is no doubt that flakes and glitter will find a lot more applications in children's arts and crafts, it does not mean they have no applications in adult crafting.

Flakes and glitter are regularly used in papercraft projects, this includes homemade greeting cards. Applying flakes and glitter also requires some skill. When it is not implemented correctly, it could take over your entire design. Therefore, always use the correct adhesive before you implement these in any papercraft.

In addition to papercraft, flakes and glitter can be used to embellish other crafted projects. Whether you made a sculpture in pottery class you want to finish a little differently, or perhaps working on some wall art, there is always something to be done with flakes and glitter.

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