Discover our excellent range of craft punches at Spotlight! Whether you are card-making, scrapbooking, making home decorations, or any other crafty project, punches are a great way of cutting beautiful designs into your paper crafts. Punch decorative borders and shapes with accuracy and ease, and shop the selection now for great value deals on top quality punches.

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Essential Crafting Supplies For All Your Papercraft Needs!

Even though you can handle a lot of papercraft projects with basic crafting tools, there are certainly some papercraft tools that enable you to tackle some advanced papercraft projects. If you are curious about the crafting supplies you should consider for your collection, check out some of the recommendations from the Spotlight team.

What Is A Die-Cutting Machine And How Is It Used In Papercraft?

A die-cutting machine is used for lots of things. You can use it for handmade posters, but also for vinyl prints that can be added to shirts and other fabrics. You can even use this kind of machine to create your own scrapbooking paper. So, no matter what kind of papercraft you are interested in, the die-cutting machine is bound to prove useful.

What Is A Paper Trimmer And How Is It Used In Papercraft?

Everyone who is into papercraft should have a paper trimmer. These kinds of machines are relatively affordable yet provide countless benefits for cardmaking as well as scrapbooking.

Paper trimmers come with a bunch of features these days. Most modern paper trimmers come with their own scoring tool and cutter, enabling you to fold and cut with maximum control.

What Are Decorative Scissors And How Are They Used In Papercraft?

Most crafters already have some general-purpose scissors for cutting paper, but there are some specialist scissors to consider too. A pair of decorative scissors is a prime example of that, as they enable you to cut specific shapes with a minimal amount of effect. For example, if you wish to create some wavy edges, then decorative scissors can help you achieve this look with the greatest of ease.

What Are Paper Punches And How Can I Use Them In Papercraft?

On this page, you can find many examples of paper punches. Most people use a paper punch, also known as a hole punch, to add holes to a piece of paper so it can be put in a ring binder. However, anyone who is into papercraft can also use paper punches to punch specific shapes into paper - this goes from hearts and circles to squares and even animal figures. There is really no limit to the shapes that can be achieved with paper punches.

While most paper punches contain one shape, certain paper punches may contain images that can be exchanged. For example, you could exchange lettering for an illustration. For crafters who use hole punches on a regular basis, a paper punch with multiple designs is the best option.

What Is A Laminator And How Can I Use Them For My Papercraft Projects?

Most people are already familiar with the laminator, as this is the machine that can cover any piece of paper with laminate - this to either protect the paper or to create a lovely effect. If you want to protect a poster you have created for example, then a laminator cannot be missing from your personal collection.

Most laminator machines can be quite an investment, so this is a machine most crafters buy once they have their basic papercraft tools. Still, if you have some budget to spare, then a laminator will fit your hobby room well.

Which Kind Of Adhesives Should I Obtain For Papercraft Projects?

Most crafters have some basic craft glue for their papercraft projects, but there are some adhesives that can be applied a little easier. A prime example of such an adhesive is the adhesive roller, which works quite like a tape roller.

One of the benefits of the adhesive roller is that it can be refilled, so you do not have to buy a new roller when you run out. It is certainly a staple many crafters have in their collection already - this due to its economical nature as well as the amount of control that can be exercised with this tool.

Paper Punches And Other Papercraft Tools At Spotlight

Spotlight provides you with many papercraft tools. On this page, you can find high-quality hole punches for the sharpest prices, but you can find more papercraft tools in other categories too. Check out the entire craft collection from Spotlight today to uncover the best deals!



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