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Everything You Need To Know About Craft Knives

Craft knives have countless applications. From papercraft to fabric cutting, there are many things you can do with the right kind of craft knife. But what are some of the things crafters should know about craft knives? Read on to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the modern craft knife.

What Different Types Of Knives Are Used In Crafting?

When it comes to the craft knife, you will find that there are tons of different options to choose from. Even though most knives fall under the general term of craft knife, it does not mean that there aren't any dedicated knives for specific crafts.

In the large collection of craft knives, you can find options such as the basic craft knife, the precision cutter, pen cutter, and even the full-blown utility knife. Depending on the type you choose, you can expect variations in blade size and handle ergonomics. With some craft knives, you can even change the handle or the blade as required.

When choosing a craft knife, always remember that the overall size of the blade will have an influence on the amount of detail you can get from it. If you need to work in incredible detail, you should choose a precision cutter with a thin and small blade. However, if you need to do some general cutting for a crafting project, the average-sized craft knife will do the best job.

Is The Handle Of A Craft Knife Really That Important?

It is often not the first thing you think about when you purchase a craft knife, but the handle is just as important as the blade you are cutting with. In fact, the handle determines how well you handle a craft knife. If a craft knife is quite uncomfortable to use, then the results you will be getting while cutting will not be ideal. Evidently, uncomfortable handles can also cause more hand strain.

In addition to the manoeuvrability of your craft knife, the handle also determines the durability of your craft knife. If the handle is made from less durable materials, the lifespan of your craft knife will be reduced. So, always choose a craft knife that is made from more durable materials.

How Can I Use A Craft Knife Safely?

Any cutting tool must be handled carefully. One of the ways to ensure that your cutting tool is as safe as possible, you can also choose some cutting tools with the following safety features.

Safety handle - The handle of a cutting knife can be equipped with a special non-slip surface. If the handle is slippery, accidents can easily happen. So, if you are prone to these kinds of accidents, be sure to choose a craft knife with a safety handle.

Craft knife storage - The storage of your craft knife is important too if you wish to maximise its safety. Some craft knives come with their own protective cap, while others have their own storage box. If you want to avoid accidents when your craft knife is not in use, always use the protective cap or the storage box it comes with.

Moveable parts - Some craft knives have moveable parts, and these can become particularly dangerous. When the blades are removable, make sure that they are properly attached when you switch them out. A durable construction is also important, as a more durable construct is less likely to cause problems with removable parts.

Safety of the blades - When you use blades on a regular basis, they can easily become dull. While sharp blades are dangerous by nature, dull blades can be problematic too. More even, dull blades can also cause excessive damage to your cutting mats. Therefore, keeping your blades sharp is incredibly important.

Craft Knives And Blades Available From Spotlight

Spotlight provides a full range of blades and craft knives, which you can use for a variety of different crafts. From rotary cutters to straight blades, you can find them all in our extensive catalogue.

In addition to craft knives, you can also count on our catalogue for other products - this includes cutting mats, craft scissors, and so much more. Check out the collection today and benefit from our sharp prices on crafting supplies.



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