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Popular Types Of Tape Explained

There are different types of tape that can be used for crafting or general tasks around the house. Since there are a lot of different kinds, let us provide you with an overview of the most popular kinds of tape.

What Is Box-Sealing Tape?

As the name of this tape suggests, box-sealing tape is commonly used to seal cardboard boxes. Box-sealing tape consists of an adhesive backing material and polypropylene or polyester film.

Box-sealing tape comes in a variety of sizes and strengths, as additional strength can be required to seal certain cardboard boxes and other packaging materials. You can also find this type of tape in various colours, which could prove useful if you are trying to contribute to a branded package.

While box-sealing tape is available in various colours, you will find this kind of tape most often in its basic colours such as beige, brown, and transparent.

What Is Double-Sided Tape?

Like the previously mentioned tape, double-sided tape is pressure-sensitive. However, opposed to having a sole adhesive backing, double-sided tape has adhesive on both sides.

Double-sided tape can be used for a variety of purposes. It is commonly used in crafts such as scrapbooking and paper craft, but it also has applications in tailoring.

What Is Duct Tape?

Another pressure-sensitive tape you will encounter often in stores is the duct tape. Duct tape comes with an adhesive backing and is commonly coated in a material such as polyethylene to add additional strength.

Duct tape is one of the strongest types of tapes in existence, this is why this kind of tape is often used in heavy industries. Of course, this does not mean you will not find any applications for duct tape around the home or in crafting for that matter.

What Is Electrical Tape?

While electrical tape is not commonly used in crafting, this pressure-sensitive tape is used to insulate electrical wires. Electrical tape can be made from a variety of plastics and can come in a variety of colours too.

As is the case with electrical tape, the colour of the tape will indicate how much insulation the tape can provide. Black electrical tape can only handle low voltage, while yellow tape can handle high voltage. So, when this tape is used in electrics, it should always be used by a qualified electrician.

What Is Masking Tape?

Masking tape, also referred to as painter's tape, is a thin tape made of paper. The paper can be ripped easily, this ensures that painters can simply tear off a strip when they need to protect certain areas during the painting process.

Naturally, masking tape is also used in crafting, this includes needlepoint and embroidery. The tape is available in different strengths too, this is displayed in numbers between 1 and 100.

What Is Scotch Tape?

While scotch tape is quite the generic term these days, the real scotch tape is made by a company called 3M. That being said, scotch tape nowadays can refer to dozens of different tapes with various properties.

What Is Floor Marking Tape?

Floor marking tape is commonly used in workplaces, this ranges from hospitals to heavy industries. The tape is used on the floor to mark hazards or to create aisles, this since the tape is durable and can take a large amount of foot traffic over time.

Given the strength of floor marking tape, it is not commonly used in crafting. That being said, floor marking tape has found some applications for various pieces of famous artwork.

What Is Sellotape?

Sellotape is a specific brand of tape, which originates from England. The tape is characterised by its transparent look and easy application. It is currently one of the most popular types of tape in Europe.

While Sellotape is not one of the strongest tapes in existence, it can be used for a lot of different things. In fact, Sellotape is popular for crafting, but also to seal boxes and other materials.

What Tape Can I Obtain From Spotlight?

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