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How To Restore An Old Teddy Bear?

At Spotlight, crafters can find supplies to make a new teddy bear, but what if you would like to restore one? No worries, as we can help you with those supplies too. If you are curious how you can restore one of your old teddy bears with sentimental value, be sure to read the tips below.

How Do I Remove The Stuffing From An Old Teddy Bear?

Before you can start restoring an old teddy bear, you will have to remove some of the old stuffing. Over the course of time, stuffing comes into contact with things such as moisture and dust. To get the bear into peak condition again, this stuffing must be removed.

Removing the stuffing from an old teddy bear is quite easy. Use a crafting knife or a precision seam ripper to remove the old seams from your bear. These seams are usually found on the back of the teddy bear. Once the stitches have been removed, put on a pair of gloves and take the stuffing out of the bear.

Before you start the further restoration process, it is a good idea to turn the shell of the teddy bear inside out. Then, use a handheld vacuum cleaner to remove any stuffing residue that remains. Once everything is gone, discard the old stuffing material.

How Do I Wash The Shell Of An Old Teddy Bear?

The next step is to wash your teddy bear. Now, it is not recommended to put this shell into a washing machine, especially if the teddy bear is a couple of decades old. Instead, use a simple cold handwash.

Grab a tub with clean cold water and add some fabric soap. Put the teddy bear shell into the water mixture and leave it to soak for at least an hour. Then, scrub any remaining stains from the shell before removing the shell from the soapy water.

Once you have taken out the bear, you will need to rinse it with some cold water, this to ensure no soap remains on the fabric. Ideally, you want to rinse the bear several times.

Please note that you can put the teddy bear into a tumble dryer to speed up the drying process. However, always put your bear into a laundry bag and put the dryer on the lowest setting available.

How Do I Repair The Stitches On An Old Bear?

While it may be tempting to use the sewing machine on the fabric for an extra strong stitch, it is better to restore an old teddy bear by hand. To restore the stitches, turn the bear inside out again, this means that you will be sewing on the interior side of the bear.

When stitching some of the holes your bear has obtained over the years, do not stitch the back of the bear back up, this is done after you have filled the bear with some new stuffing.

How Do I Stuff My Bear With New Batting Or Stuffing Material?

Spotlight can provide you with a range of stuffing material to use in your old teddy bear. Polyester fibre filling tends to be a popular option and is relatively easy to work with.

Start by putting stuffing in the head of your bear. The head should be relatively firm with little space for any additional filling, this ensures that your bear's facial features are properly formed. If you want to add any new eyes or mouth to the bear's face, it is important to do so before you start the stuffing process, as the stitches will be on the inside.

Once you have done the head, start stuffing the arms, legs, and the body of the bear. The stuffing in these places should still be firm, but there should be a little room for squishing. So, stuff comfortably and not too firmly.

When you are done stuffing your bear, it is time to sew up the back of your bear again. If you don't want the stitches to be too visible, try to obtain a sewing thread in the same colour as the bear itself, this will hide some of the stitches and make them less obvious.



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