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Doll & Bear Making

Doll & Bear Making

Let your imagination run wild with Spotlights Doll and Bear Accessories section.

We have accessories for Calico Dolls and Bears including hair, eyes, noses and Hobby Fill.

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Arts and crafts can give us an immense sense of satisfaction and even have a positive impact on our mood and emotional wellbeing. Whether we are making something for ourselves or something to sell or to give to others, it is fun to do and imparts a gratifying sense of pride and achievement.

At Spotlight, where lowest prices are guaranteed, we offer very affordable materials and accessories for many different forms of art and craft. Your new hobby or project doesn’t have to cost the earth. From sewing to jewellery making to candle making and so much more, you can find everything you need at Spotlight.

A very popular craft with many is doll and bear making. Imagine the fun you can have creating a beautiful, personalised doll or cute teddy bear for yourself or someone else. What a special gift that would make for a child or even a newborn baby’s nursery.

At Spotlight we have everything you need to make gorgeous, soft dolls and cute, cuddly teddy bears.

What materials are needed for doll and bear making?

The perfect place for beginners or children to start is with our ready-made, soft, cotton Calico Bear. This cute white bear is ready to be decorated and turned into a unique, individual teddy bear. Knit or sew him a jacket or a scarf and hat in your favourite footie club colours, or add a pair of glasses and decorate him with Spotlight’s fabric markers.

If you are creating your doll or bear from scratch, Spotlight have patterns, stuffing and fabric. Spotlight’s hypoallergenic, 100% polyester Stuffin’ Fibre is suitable for craft projects, stuffing toys and refilling cushions. Or try our Hobby Fibre filling made from high quality polyester material to give your doll or bear lots of snug-ability.

Altlernatively, Arbee Stuffing Pellets are small plastic beads perfect for use along with polyester fibre filling to create extra firmness and resilience in the body and limbs of your teddy bear or doll.

Amongst Spotlight’s huge supply of fabrics there is sure to be material which is perfect for your doll or teddy bear. If you are skilled with a pair of knitting needles we have a great selection of quality wool yarns in different colours and thicknesses from iconic Australian brands such as Patons.

Once you have your basic supplies it’s time to have fun with choosing the accessories for your doll or bear! What colour hair will you give your doll? What face are you going to give your teddy bear? Spotlight have so many different styles of eyes and noses to choose from. Eyes can be sewn or glued on, made from glass, plastic or crystal in lots of different colours.

Can I buy my doll and bear making supplies from Spotlight online?

Absolutely. Spotlight make it easy for you to shop with a complete online collection of materials needed for making your doll or teddy bear.

Delivery is simple and affordable with our national flat fee shipping rate of $8.99 for standard items. You can track the progress of your online items on our website using your consignment number.

Spotlight offer a very friendly Returns and Exchanges Policy in accordance with Australian Consumer Law because we want you to be happy with your purchase. Further information on delivery fees, order tracking and returns and exchanges can be found on our website.

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