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Making your own bags has never been easier with Spotlight's fabulous selection of bag making tools, accessories and equipment. Whether you are looking for rope, fastenings, or embellishments to finish off your piece, Spotlight stocks a whole host of high-quality purse and bag making supplies that have been designed with the bag maker in mind. Whether you are making a new tote for yourself or looking to craft a gift for a loved one, shop the range online now.

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How To Make Your Handbag Designs Even Better?

Have you been taking advantage of the affordable handbag crafting supplies at Spotlight? Or are you trying your hand at making your own bag for the first time? Whichever it is, be sure to check out our useful guide below, which can help you get the most from your handbag designs.

Which Sewing Skills Do I Need To Create My Own Handbag?

As a real handbag lover, you may already know that handbags can come in a variety of materials. Of course, one of the most common is faux leather, which evidently requires some skill to work with.

Since leather and faux leather are materials that do not allow for mistakes, it is best to test your sewing skills on some cheap fabric you have laying around. Ensure you have mastered your sewing machine before you attempt to stitch leather or faux leather.

Please note that some sewing machines will have more problems with leather than others. For leather, you need something relatively durable and strong, preferably with a sturdy base that allows for easier grip. If you are unsure your sewing machine can handle the leatherworking process, always test it with some leftover faux leather you have laying around.

Of course, you do not always need to sew to make your own bags. Some take advantage of the cloth weaving process to create their bags from scratch. While weaving can be less in terms of manual labour in the long-term, it does require some skill to properly execute too.

Where Can I Find Ideas For My Own Handbag Designs?

You may have dreamed about making your own handbags for a long time, but do you have an actual design ready? Chances are you have loads of ideas, but nothing concrete on paper. Fortunately, this is a great opportunity to work towards the perfect handbag design.

Online research can help you get familiar with the various styles and designs that are popular for handbags these days. However, this does not mean online research is your only resource. In fact, it could prove useful to ask your friends what they are looking for in a good handbag and include those features in the one you create.

Of course, some crafters are solely making a handbag for their own use, not necessarily for someone else. If this is the case, it is important to ask yourself what you want from your handbag. What is the preferred material? Do you prefer space or something with a more intricate design? The answers to these questions can influence your handbag designs in a major way.

Finally, it is always a good idea to add a feature to your handbag that sets it apart from others. After all, you are not putting in all this effort to end up with a handbag that looks like one from a famous brand. Think about the feature that will set your handbag apart from the rest before you finalise your design.

To help you get an overview of all your ideas, it can be suitable to have an idea board in your crafting room. On this board, you can add fabric swatches, design ideas, and even different colours you are considering for your crafted handbag. In the end, this board will help to put everything together.

Should I Start With The Cheaper Materials?

If you are just starting out with making handbags, it is certainly useful to buy more affordable materials for your first design. Synthetic materials tend to be best for this, as manmade materials are considerably cheaper than natural fibres or real leathers. You should always expect to make some mistakes during the first stages of your handbag creation, so cheaper materials can save you some money in the long run.

Synthetic materials can also help you to create a so-called "prototype", this gives you a general idea of what the handbag will look like and how it will function, but still leaves you room to finalise it. For example, adding extra space, another design feature, or simply making it in a more expensive material that suits your personal style. In short, a prototype will help you get towards that perfect handbag through trial and error.



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