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The Different Types Of Tape Explained

When you hit the office supplies section at Spotlight, you may notice a wide variety of tapes. As you may already know, tape has numerous applications in an office environment but also in crafting and even industry. If you want to get familiar with the different types of tape before you make your purchase, be sure to check out the information provided by Spotlight below.

What Is Packaging Tape?

Packaging tape is the most common type of tape, which can be found in most stores. It is made from a material called polypropylene, which is known for its toughness and reliability in various environments.

Customers will find that packaging tape can be delivered in all shapes and sizes. It even comes in different colours and finishes! That being said, the most common types you will encounter are clear and brown.

There are various uses for packaging tape too. In fact, since they are so common in households around the world, this tape is used for anything such as sealing packages and temporarily fixing a broken item in place.

What Is Polyester Adhesive Tape?

At first glance, polyester adhesive tape looks like most packaging tapes out there. However, once you handle the tap in question, you will notice that the texture and overall thickness of the tape are quite different.

The applications for polyester adhesive tape are quite limited, this in the sense they tend to be used for electronics alone. Naturally, people working in this sort of environment will get lots of uses from polyester adhesive tape.

What Is Amalgamating Rubber Tape?

If you are looking for a tape that is resistant to most weather elements and harsh chemicals, amalgamating rubber tape may be the option for you. Amalgamating rubber tape consists of polyisobutylene and it is known to have excellent resistance against ozone, sunlight, water, and even corrosive chemicals.

Amalgamating rubber tape is often used outdoors due to its weather-resistant properties. The tape also has the additional advantage of leaving no residue, which allows for a neater and overall cleaner working environment.

What Is Polythene Tape?

If you have ever encountered a strong black tape that seemed to belong in an industrial area, you have probably encountered polythene tape. As the look of this tape suggests, polythene tape is commonly used in various industries, this due to benefits such as water resistance, electrical insulation, and flexibility.

What Is PVC Tape?

PVC tape is used in a variety of industries, but it also finds applications around the home. it is commonly used in construction, lane marking, and even duct sealing. Naturally, this is a hard-wearing tape that is used when additional strength is required.

Since PVC tape is commonly used in heavy industries, it is no surprise that the tape does have some desirable properties for these industries, this includes water resistance, mild flame-retardant properties, and electrical insulation.

What Is Adhesive Foil Tape?

Adhesive foil tape is only used when someone requires amazing water resistance. It is a high-performance tape too, which means it is suitable for work environments such as engineering and construction.

What Is Cloth Tape?

While the name might indicate a tape of lesser strength, the opposite is actually the case here. Cloth tape is known for its strength and usually comes with an adhesive on the back.

Please note that not all cloth tapes are equal in how they are made, this could mean varying properties for each different brand you obtain. If you purchase cloth tape for a specific purpose, always execute a test before finishing your work.

What Is Heavy-Duty Double-Sided Sticky Tape?

Heavy-duty double-sided tape provides a range of applications in anything from construction to car detailing. Of course, you can also obtain regular double-sided tape for crafting purposes, which is less thick than the heavy-duty version, but still provides the same functionality for lighter items.

Do you want to discover more types of tape available today? Or are you looking for something specific for a crafting project or for your office? Be sure to check out the entire catalogue available at Spotlight, which contains an amazing range of tape for the sharpest prices! We are sure you will not leave disappointed.



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