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Keep everything together with our comprehensive range of staples, staplers and staple removers at Spotlight. We stock a vast array of staplers for all purposes, with miniature ones that would be perfect for stapling on the go, to larger options that would be ideal for the office. Whether you are crafting, working, or just getting organised, a stapler is undoubtedly essential. Plus, you can easily remove staples with one of the staple removers that you will find here. Shop the range today for fabulous deals across the collection.

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What Are The Basic Office Supplies?

When you are creating your own office space, the entire process can feel a little overwhelming when it comes down to your office supplies. There are so many office supplies these days, so which one do you pick? To help you on your way, we have created an overview of the essential office supplies below.

Which Paper Do I Need For My Office?

Once you start browsing the amount of paper available these days, you might feel overwhelmed quickly. Still, there are basics you need to take into consideration, this includes printer paper, some basic sticky notes, and maybe some card stock depending on your business.

Under the paper section, you must also include any letter correspondence materials such as envelopes and letterheads. You should also obtain some stamps beforehand, as this could save you several trips to the post office.

When it comes down to paper, you may want to consider a notebook or an organiser where you can write down some important things. While you do not need too many of them, try to have one or two in close proximity. If possible, stick to the same one when writing down important notes, this enables you to easily find them later.

What Things Do I Need For My Filing Cabinet?

Now you have paper out of the way, let us look at the things that accompany your filing cabinet. In general, this includes most of the accessories you will require for filing.

For general filing, you will require some binders and folders. If you want to keep them more organised and more easily accessible, you should also obtain some folder tabs, this proves especially useful if you file invoices for several months in the same folder.

To ensure your invoices fit comfortable in your ring binders or folders, you may want to consider a hole punch as well. This accessory is relatively inexpensive and will last for years.

Please note that holes inside paper may need reinforcing if the folder is used on a daily basis. If you want to keep the document in the best condition possible, obtain some binder pockets to put your documents in instead.

Which Small Office Supplies Are Considered As Essential?

There are many things that fall into the category of small office supplies and most of them are used regularly. The essentials we mentioned below will prove useful for your new office environment.

When it comes to small office supplies, you definitely need the basics such as a stapler, scissors, box cutter, paperclips, a tape dispenser, and some tape.

Once you start choosing small office supplies at Spotlight, always consider the amount of space you have on your desk. For example, it makes little sense to obtain an incredibly large tape dispenser if you only have a minimal amount of room. Fortunately, we provide all office supplies in various shapes and sizes, so they can fit the amount of space you have available.

Small office supplies will also include any pencils and pens you use on a regular basis. There is often no need to go too specific with this unless you have to write documents in certain colours. As a general rule, always obtain a combination of black and blue pens, followed by basic pencils, some erasers, and a good pencil sharpener.

In some cases, it can prove useful to have some highlighters in your small office supplies collection. Once again, this does depend on the kind of office work you do. Some people use highlighters on a regular basis, while others never use them at all.

Why Should I Obtain Small Office Supplies From Spotlight?

Spotlight provides an incredible range of essential office supplies, this ranges from the small office supplies we mentioned earlier to larger office storage solutions. By offering you such a diverse catalogue, you can obtain everything you need for your office in one place.

In addition to providing one of the largest catalogues with office supplies, Spotlight also provides the best prices, so you can get the best deal on all office supplies with us. Of course, do not just take our word for it! Check out our catalogue today to discover some amazing offers!



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