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The Best Organisation Tips For The Office

Keeping your office in mint condition is not always easy. You often have a mountain of paperwork, not to mention the dust that is attracted by your computer and all your peripherals. Still, there are some tried and tested methods to make your office a pleasant space to be in. If you want to try our tips as well as our range of useful notebooks and organisers, be sure to read our helpful tips below.

What Is The First Thing I Need To Do To Get My Office Organised?

One of the best ways to keep your office organised is to start with a clean slate. Even if your office is not that bad at the moment, you may benefit from reorganising the area and obtaining some additional storage solutions. So, before you get started, remove everything from your office (if possible), give it a good clean, and start anew!

What Is The Second Thing I Need To Do To Get My Office Organised?

Before you start organising the little bits and bobs in your office, it is a good idea to determine where you will place your desk. While you may have had your desk in a specific location for a considerable time, ask yourself if you could benefit from placing your desk somewhere else, e.g. in front of the window or a place where you get enough natural light.

If you have a computer on your desk, it is not always the best idea to put your desk near a source of natural light. The reason for that is glare, as the sun can reflect off your screen and make it difficult to read things. Therefore, experimenting with your desk and its prime location is the first course of action.

What Is The Third Thing I Need To Do To Get My Office Organised?

Once you have determined the best location for your desk, it is time to look at the location of other storage solutions you may in the office. With this, it is important to place storage solutions you use daily in the general proximity of your working area, e.g. a filing cabinet next to your desk.

Naturally, there can be a bunch of storage solutions inside the same office space. That being said, this could be a good time to look at your existing storage solutions and determine if you could get anything better or more functional. If so, you should certainly take advantage of the amazing prices on storage solutions at Spotlight.

What Is The Fourth Thing I Need to Do To Get My Office Organised?

A lot of stuff can be stored in the office, this goes from your paperwork to small office supplies. As such, it is not uncommon to store something away, only to forget you put it there in the first place. It could even lead you to buy certain things twice, even though you already have them!

To avoid a problem such as this, it is essential to get familiar with labels. When you add labels to your storage solutions, including drawers, boxes, and cubes, it becomes a lot easier to remember where you store stuff and what it contains. So, if you often spend more money on office supplies you already have, this will be a must going forward.

What Is The Fifth Thing I Need To Do To Get My Office Organised?

One of the last things we usually recommend is looking at your current filing system. Out of all the tasks mentioned here today, this can be the most arduous one, as it could require hours of refiling paperwork, getting new folders, and even adding more labels to your storage areas.

Nowadays, there are a bunch of useful solutions where filing is concerned. You can obtain a large filing cabinet with its own dividers, which surely makes it easier to find important documents when you need them. Of course, you can still use an old filing cabinet, simply obtain some useful dividers from Spotlight to get things a little more organised.

Want to view more functional organising tools and accessories for your office? Or do you need some small office supplies? Check out our catalogue today for amazing deals!



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