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How To Keep Your Desk Organised!

At Spotlight, we provide loads of solutions to keep yourself and your work area organised, this ranges from journals and calendars to convenient desk tidies. Today, we help you to get your desk as organised as possible with our additional tips below.

How Do I Even Start To Get My Desk More Organised?

You may want to clean and organise your desk, but once you look at it, you do not know where to start. Well, the best way to get your desk organised and fully functional is to start from the beginning, this means you have to remove everything from the surface and the drawers. While you may believe this process to be too time consuming, it is actually more time-consuming to start cleaning your desk with everything in place.

Before you start putting things back, always make sure you give the outside and inside of your desk a good clean. Over time, it is not unusual for all sorts of things to start accumulating here, this ranges from dust to pencil sharpening residue.

What Is The Second Step To Get My Desk Organised?

Once you have done a thorough desk clean, it is time to look at the items you just pulled from and out of your desk. Ideally, you want to create two piles. One pile will contain the stuff you want to keep. The other pile with the stuff that you are going to discard.

Not sure if you want to keep an item or not? Create a third pile where you put your "maybes". You can come back to it later and determine if they are worth keeping or not.

While you are sorting through your stuff, do not forget to check if there are any outdated items, this may include journals and calendars. If you need some new ones, you can easily pick some up for a sharp price at Spotlight. We also provide various designs, so you can always find something to suit your personal style.

What Is The Third Step To Get My Desk Organised?

Now that you have worked through all the stuff inside and outside of your desk, it is time to put things back. Ideally, you want to start with some of the bulkier items, as it will help you to arrange the smaller items later.

If you have a computer or a laptop on your desk, always make sure you place it on your desk first. Once you have your monitor and your case in place, follow it up by the peripherals and connect them before you add anything else. It is also useful to check if your computer is working properly before you start adding more stuff to your desk, this enables you to manoeuvre a little easier if adjustments need to be made.

What Is The Fourth Step To Get My Desk Organised?

When you look at the way your desk used to be organised, were there some things that could have been better? For example, did you have problems finding your pens or sticky notes? If so, it may be worth investing in some desk accessories to keep things organised over time.

At Spotlight, you can find a bunch of useful desk accessories to keep all those small office supplies organised and keep them within reach too. From pen holders to drawer dividers, you can find some storage solutions that fit you and your desk style.

What Is The Fifth Step To Get My Desk Organised?

Once you have all the items you want in or on your desk, it is time to think about logical organisation. For example, if you are left-handed, there is little sense in placing your pencils and sticky notes on the right. Instead, place them on the left for easier access. Of course, the opposite is applicable to right-handed desk lovers.

Organisation is not limited to where your pencils should be. Also, take a look at where your documents are. If you need to study on a regular basis and often use a textbook, why not look at a more logical place for these documents? Put them in the first drawer where you can quickly gain access. It is that simple.



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