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Make the most out of your desk space and shop our extensive collection of desk accessories at Spotlight. Whether you are looking to clear the clutter or to get organised, our range of desk accessories will complete, tidy and sort out your workspace. Organise your documents and files and stationery, tidy your drawers, or even brighten up your office with our fabulous selection of desk lamps.

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Make Your Desk More Functional With These Recommended Desk Accessories!

Most people have their own office or desk area in their home, which may prove useful for anything from paperwork and tax returns to crafting and studying. To ensure your desk is as functional as it can be, we take a closer look at the available desk accessories and their benefits.

What Is The First Functional Desk Accessory I Absolutely Need?

Do you often have documents lying around on your desk, not really knowing what to do with them? Do you still need those documents somewhere during the week? No worries, as you can keep them organised with something as simple as a document tray.

A document tray is a relatively inexpensive method to keep your stray documents in one convenient location. Of course, you can also obtain several if you have the desk space, as this enables you to keep each type of document separate. For example, you could have one tray for bills and one tray for other post.

What Is The Second Functional Desk Accessory I Absolutely Need?

Another desk accessory most people cannot go without is a tiny memo block. How often have you made a phone call and needed something to write on, desperately looking for some stray print paper in the office? With a memo block, you don't have to worry about that. Simply keep this small pack of note paper in a convenient location on your desk, so you can easily reach it when you need it.

What Is The Third Functional Desk Accessory I Absolutely Need?

When you work at a desk regularly, you probably have a good collection of pens laying around. Naturally, it can be helpful to keep all those pens organised, especially if you tend to lose them somewhere along the way.

Spotlight provides a collection of pen holders that can keep your pens in their rightful place. We offer pen holders in various designs and finishes too, so you can easily find one that matches your personal style and the space you have available.

What Is The Fourth Functional Desk Accessory I Absolutely Need?

A decent desk lamp goes a long way, even though it is not the first thing you think about when you create your desk area. Still, it is not uncommon to have a little lack of light, especially in office areas. Therefore, always invest in a good desk light to keep the light on.

Even if you have little space to work with, there is always a desk light to suit your needs. At Spotlight, we provide traditionally-sized desk lamps, but also thinner and more flexible options, enabling you to adjust them according to the space you have available.

What Is The Fifth Functional Desk Accessory I Absolutely Need?

Another desk accessory everyone should own is a drawer tidy. Even if you have a desk with lots of drawers, it is not uncommon for those drawers to get messy and get packed with stuff. If you are in a hurry and quickly need something from that drawer, nothing is more inconvenient.

Drawer tidy solutions come in all sorts of shapes and sizes these days. You can get some with dividers that provide equal space for each item, or some that provide a variety of small and big dividers. It all depends on what you want to store.

What Is The Sixth Functional Desk Accessory I Absolutely Need?

While our next essential accessory may be placed next to your desk and not on top of it, it is still an important accessory to have, more specifically a decent office bin. How many times have you had bits of discarded paper and even tissues lying around on your desk, having to pick them up and throwing them in the kitchen bin later? With a good bin, you can keep your desk organised at all times.

Do you require any of the desk accessories mentioned in this overview? Or are you looking for more functional desk accessories that could enhance your office space? If so, be sure to check out the extensive catalogue at Spotlight, offering you the best desk accessories at the sharpest price in New Zealand!



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