At Spotlight, we have a complete collection of everything that you need to make jewellery at home, including this fabulous selection of findings. Findings are the components that keep your jewellery project together, in order to create the completed piece. Whether you are making necklaces, bracelets, earrings or anything else, you are sure to find the findings for your project in this collection. With toggles, clasps, pins, clamps, hooks and more, make statement jewellery that is bound to impress with findings at Spotlight.

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The Basic Guide To Jewellery Findings

Jewellery findings are used for a variety of reasons in jewellery projects, this can go from attaching charms to bracelets, but also to close a pendant or a necklace. If you are just starting out with jewellery crafting and wish to know more about jewellery findings, please read the information below.

What Are Toggle Clasps?

One of the jewellery findings that has increased in popularity is the toggle clasp. The toggle clasp enables you to quickly open and close jewellery, so the toggle clasp is often used in bracelets and necklaces.

The toggle clasp can easily be recognised because of its unique T-bar design. One side of the closure has a T-shaped tube, while the other has a ring. To close the jewellery, the bar is pulled through the ring and kept in a horizontal position.

What Are Split Rings?

When you look at a split ring for the first time, it will immediately remind you of a keyring. Therefore, it is no surprise that the split ring is used for similar purposes in the world of jewellery making.

One of the benefits of working with split rings is that these findings do not have any breaks, this compared to other findings such as jump rings. Because of this lack of break, split rings are recommended when you are looking for maximum strength.

What Are Lobster Clasps?

Lobster clasps are counted among the more expensive types of closure systems, yet they are also the most convenient. The reason for their unique name is quite straightforward too, as the closure resembles a lobster claw.

Contrary to other closure systems available today, lobster claws do not require any pliers to be manipulated. Instead, you can open the clasp with your fingers and slide it over the piece of jewellery you want to use it on.

What Are Jump Rings?

Jump rings are essential components for many pieces of jewellery. They are circular in shape and have a break, this means the ring can be opened and closed further through the use of dedicated pliers.

When manipulating a jump ring, always remember it is better to twist the pliers than to pull them to either side. Pulling can cause serious problems with the structure of the jump ring and ruin it all-together. Therefore, it can be a good idea to watch some online videos on how to manipulate your jump rings.

What Are End Caps?

End caps are excellent findings for anyone who likes to work with stringing materials, as end caps are often implemented on jewellery that involves using a stringing method. It can be used at the end of a string of beads, but other materials belong to the possibilities as well, this includes leather and ribbon.

What Are Ear Wires?

Even if you never crafted a piece of jewellery before, you will have undoubtedly encountered so-called ear wires. Ear wires are findings used to create long, dangly earrings. They are characterised by a hook-like shape, upon which crafters can implement their design.

What Are Crimp Beads?

Crimp beads are also popular in jewellery crafting, but their use is often limited to jewellery pieces that are constructed with wire or strong thread. Most crimp beads are made from metal materials, this since it allows the crafter to manipulate the metal and flatten it with wires to finish a piece of jewellery.

What Are Bead Caps?

Many crafters will encounter bead caps on necklaces, as they are often used as a finish on luxurious pendants and necklaces. They are often combined with large beads, stones, and crystals too.

Please note that bead caps can have variable designs, this because they are often used as a decorative finish. However, most bead caps allow you to integrate a stone, bead, or crystal easily.

What Findings Are Available At Spotlight?

Spotlight has a massive collection of findings for a variety of jewellery projects. It includes lobster claws, split rings, head pins, clasps, ribbon clamps, and lots more. No matter the kind of findings you are looking for, you are bound to find it at Spotlight! Check out the findings catalogue today and discover some amazing deals on our entire findings range.



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