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The Different Types Of Beads Used For Beading Explained

When you start out with beading and check out our catalogue for supplies, you will encounter dozens of different types of beads. Naturally, this can be a little confusion, especially if you are trying to come up with a design for your first project. To help you on your way, we have provided an overview of beads and their purposes below.

What Are Bugle Beads?

One of the terms you will encounter for beads is the seed bead. Seed beads are quite small compared to other types of beads. They can be used to place decorative accents, but also to create an entire necklace or bracelet.

Bugle beads are specific types of seed beads. They have a tube-like appearance and are available in various colours and sizes. They can also be made from various materials, this means you can get them in either matte or gloss finish.

Since bugle beads are very small, you can encounter lengths between 0.5 and 5. The lower the number, the smaller your bugle beads will be. To start, it is often a good idea to get a variety of bugle beads for your collection.

What Are Chaton Beads?

Chaton beads are crystal beads with a specific shape and lots of facets. They are characterised by a point design on the back, which gives them many applications in bracelets, pendants, and even earrings.

One of the unique aspects of Chaton beads is that they have a special foil. The foil also has a unique purpose, as this enhances its overall sparkle and makes it look even more elegant and luxurious.

The Chaton bead also resembles another specific type of bead called the Rivoli bead. However, contrary to the Chaton bead, Rivoli beads have a pointed back and front. They are only round in shape as well and have smooth facets, these are some of the factors that set them apart from Chaton beads.

What Are Swarovski Crystals?

One of the best-known types of crystal is undoubtedly the Swarovski crystals. Genuine Swarovski crystals have value, so their use tends to be limited in valuable pieces of jewellery such as tiaras, rings, and necklaces.

Naturally, there are crystals out there that are made to resemble Swarovski crystals. Even though these crystals can look quite similar upon first glance, the unique sparkle of a Swarovski crystal is difficult to copy. That being said, some glass crystals made to resemble genuine Swarovski can be a cheaper alternative for beginners.

What Are Rhinestones?

Rhinestones are often confused with Swarovski crystals, this because they have a similar clear crystal design. They are available in various colours and can come in shapes that resemble other types of beads, this includes chaton beads. Therefore, rhinestones on their own are difficult to distinguish as a type of bead.

What Are Miyuki Beads?

As the name suggests, Miyuki beads are Japanese beads made from glass. They are characterised by quite the distinct look, as they are relatively thin and have larger holes in the middle.

Miyuki beads can be compared to many seed beads because of their smaller size. That being said, they do have quite the distinctive look and are perfect for projects involving bead weaving.

What Are Faceted Beads?

Faceted beads are popular for elegant jewellery, mainly because of their unique sparkle. Since faceted beads are made from glass, manufacturers can make them sparkle just a little brighter by applying multiple facets on the glass. The facets will reflect light in many different ways, which certainly makes your jewellery look extra special.

What Other Beads Can I Encounter?

While we have described some of the most popular beads you can encounter as a crafter, there are many others you can encounter and incorporate in your projects, this includes gemstone beads, flatbacks, pearls, round beads, Charlottes, shells, and many others.

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