At Spotlight, we have cork for all your arts and craft needs! Whether you are looking to make a pin board, adding cork to your craft, or anything else, we have cork of all shapes and sizes in this selection. Cork can be used for so many different projects, make wine charms or place card holders with wine corks, decorate and make your own cork coasters or placemats, or use cork roll to turn just about anything into a notice board. The only limit is your imagination, so shop cork at Spotlight now.

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Brilliant Crafting Projects You Can Make With Cork!

Cork is a crafting material that is incredibly versatile. It is a durable material too, which means you can make some intricate constructions with any leftover cork or cork obtained from Spotlight. Still, if you are lacking some inspiration, be sure to check out the overview of cork crafting projects below.

What Is The First Crafting Project I Can Use Cork For?

Do you have a lot of leftover wine corks and do not want to get rid of them immediately? If so, you can use your leftover cork to create drink coasters! Not only does this provide you with a brilliant way to recycle your corks, it also provides something functional in return.

Creating drink coasters from cork is relatively easy. Simply slice your leftover corks in half and use a strong glue to keep them together. Then, cut away the leftover cork with a crafting knife or a rotary cutter, this enables you to give the coaster any shape you may like. For beginners, a rectangle may be easiest to create.

Drink coasters made from cork must have a flat back to ensure stability. If you cannot get your wine corks cut evenly through the middle, you can always obtain a cork sheet from Spotlight to add an additional layer of cork on the back.

Cork coasters can be left as they are and do not necessarily need any additional finish. However, if you like a little more colour, you can always use subtle acrylic paint and some varnish for the finishing touch.

What Is The Second Crafting Project I Can Use Cork For?

Another great project where you can use your leftover cork is a custom-made bottle stopper. If you regularly have a nice glass of wine and find normal cork a little boring, why not make your own custom cork stoppers?

If you have some leftover corks, you do not have to do a lot to create a custom bottle stopper, this since the cork is already in its desired shape. However, you will need to get some embellishments and some paints to make your bottle stopper the best it can be.

Spotlight offers a range of embellishments you can use on your leftover cork, this ranges from gems to craft paint. Check out some of our embellishments today to make your bottle stopper come to life.

What Is The Third Crafting Project I Can Use Cork For?

One of the most interesting crafting projects we discovered was a birdhouse made from cork. For the birdhouse, you will need some leftover wine corks and some cork sheets from Spotlight.

To create the foundation of your birdhouse, simply glue the wine corks together. To do this, you will need a minimum of five corks in a row. Also, make sure you have a strong glue that is water resistant, as your birdhouse will need to withstand the weather elements.

Once the base of your birdhouse is done, you want to start creating the walls with cork. Simply glue the wine corks vertically on the sides of the base and keep on building the wall to the desired length. Once again, make sure you use a strong glue and add it liberally to ensure the strength of your birdhouse. Also, do not forget to leave a small opening for the birds to enter the birdhouse in the front wall.

Once your walls are built, grab a craft knife to cut the slants on the cork walls, this is where the roof will go. Then, cut a cork sheet to obtain the two sides of your slanted roof. Close the gap on top of your birdhouse with more corks and glue.

Can I Get Cork From Spotlight?

If you want to try some of these cork crafting projects, but you do not have any leftover corks, no need to worry! Spotlight provides a large range of cork, ranging from craft corks to rolls and sheets. Simply choose the type of cork you require for your project.

Spotlight provides the best prices on crafting materials, this includes our range of cork. Discover our cork range today and get the best deal possible!



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