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If you are looking to buy twine or cord, then we are sure to have the perfect option for you amongst this collection. Ideal for crafting, creative gift wrapping, or embellishing your project to add that touch of rustic charm, there are so many uses for these versatile strings. With natural cord and twine in a wide range of colours, thicknesses, and materials, plus bargains galore across the collection, shop twine and cord at Spotlight today.

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How To Select The Right Craft Cord For Your Needs?

There are various crafting projects where you could use cord, wire, string, or similar items. Of course, choosing the right type of cord for your project can prove troublesome if you are crafting something for the first time. To help you along, here is an overview of wire and cord you could be using in the future.

What Craft Wire Or Cord Should I Use For Beading?

When it comes to beading, you can use anything from basic craft wire to the cord in this catalogue. Of course, these types of wire and cords are available in a variety of sizes and types, so it is important to be familiar with the variations before you make your choice.

One of the important things to consider for beading is the diameter of the wire. For larger beads, you want to choose a wire with a bigger diameter, as this will provide added strength. If you are using smaller and lightweight beads, you can choose a thinner wire or cord.

Crafters must also consider the flexibility of the jewellery they are trying to create. If you use beading wire, flexibility will be determined by the number of strands in the wire itself. Beading wire with fewer strands will be less flexible. Therefore, if you are making jewellery that should be more flexible, be sure to choose wire with as many strands as possible.

When Should I Use Craft Cord?

Craft cord is something that can be used for various projects, this includes making bracelets, jewellery, hair accessories, and they even have applications in hat making.

There are different types of craft cord available these days, so it is certainly a good idea to look at the materials you will include in your project. Matching the right material with the right craft cord will do your project justice.

As mentioned briefly already, craft cord can be made from various materials, this includes leather, satin, cotton, suede, elastin, and lots more. If you are not familiar with the different types of materials and their properties, it can be useful to obtain a combination of these craft cords to come up with the best result.

When Should I Use Craft Thread?

Craft tread is another option for jewellery making or beading. However, crafters should remember that craft thread is not as strong as craft cord. That being said, craft thread allows for a lot more precision work compared to craft cord.

Like the other types of craft cord and wire described in this overview, craft thread can be made from various materials. Silk thread is the most traditional type of craft thread commonly used to create jewellery involving pearls and precious gemstones.

Of course, there are some alternatives available these days, which can prove more affordable than silk thread. One of these alternatives is nylon thread, which is extremely strong and durable. Of course, this material does have one small downside. It is a little less flexible compared to a silk thread.

If nylon thread does not suit your needs, have a look at some of the other alternatives available today, this ranges from monofilament to Nymo thread.

When Can I Use Twine?

Twine is popular for gardening in general, but it does have some applications in crafting too. You can also use twine in the kitchen, as it could prove useful for your Sunday roast.

Spotlight provides customers with a variety of twine cords, this includes hemp cord, jute twine, cotton twine rope, bakers' twine, and loads more. So, if you need twine, be sure to check out the catalogue today.

Does Spotlight Provide Beading Wire And Other Cords Too?

Yes. Spotlight provides crafters with a variety of craft cords, wire, and thread. So, if you are looking for additional supplies to create your next masterpiece, you can find it for an amazing price at Spotlight.

In addition to wire, cord, and thread, Spotlight also provides beads, gems, and other embellishments you can use in jewellery making and beading. So, even if you are a beginner who still needs to purchase all the supplies required for beading and jewellery making, be sure to check out the options in our catalogue.



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