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The Different Types Of Glues And Adhesive For Crafting Projects

Glue is a product that is regularly used in a variety of crafts, so it is no surprise that glue can come in different types. Today, we take a closer look at the different types of glue available and how you find the best one for your needs.

What Is White Craft Glue And What Do I Use It For?

One of the most common types of glue you will encounter in the craft store is white craft glue. It is the glue often used in kids' crafting projects, yet it has other applications in adult crafting too.

White craft glue works really well with lightweight, porous materials, it is a good option for materials such as cardboard, thin fabric, and paper.

Craft glue does have its advantages despite its lack of strength for heavier materials. It is easy to clean up and dries quite quickly. Once dry, the glue can still be flexible, this makes corrections easier.

What Is Yellow Wood Glue And What Do I Use It For?

Yellow wood glue shares some similarities with white craft glue in the sense both are water-based. It is also made from the same polymers as white craft glue, yet its applications are a little different.

As the name suggests, yellow wood glue finds most of its applications in woodworking. The drying time of this glue varies, but for most full drying strength is obtained after twenty-four hours.

When you are looking to obtain some yellow wood glue for woodworking, remember that there are three different types: type I, II, and III. Type I and II are recommended when you are looking for waterproof qualities, with type II being the strongest and recommended for outdoor use. Type III, however, does not have waterproof qualities. As such, it is advised to use this type of glue for your indoor projects.

What Is Super Glue And What Do I Use It For?

Super glue was invented to minimise drying time. As such, this type of glue sets and dries incredibly quickly, which must be taken into consideration when you are working with it. Drying time can be anything from a few seconds to minutes.

One of the benefits of super glue is that it can be used on many different materials. Crafters can use this type of glue on wood, metal, leather, glass, ceramic, and even plastic. Therefore, it is a good all-round glue to have in your crafting collection.

What Is Hot Glue And What Do I Use It For?

Hot glue is the type of glue that is commonly used in glue guns. When the glue is applied, it comes out the gun at a high temperature, so caution is advised when using this type of glue.

Interestingly enough, hot glue is not the strongest in this list and it generally does not do well in fluctuating temperatures. Nevertheless, hot glue is a popular option to apply embellishments in hat making, fashion design, and similar fabric-based crafts.

What Is Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive And What Do I Use It For?

Crafters can find pressure-sensitive adhesives in the form of special adhesive sheets, strips, and dots. While they are mostly used in combination with paper, there are some minor applications for metal and glass too.

What Is Spray Adhesive And What Do I Use It For?

As the name suggests, spray adhesives are provided in a pressurised can, this makes the application of glue on a larger surface considerably easier. However, considering a spray adhesive can contact the air, it is important to use this type of adhesive in a well-ventilated area only.

There are a bunch of materials where spray adhesive could be beneficial, this includes materials such as felt, foam, paper, and fabric. While there can be more, these are the applications recommended by most spray adhesive manufacturers.

What Other Glues And Adhesives Can I Encounter?

We only touched the surface when it comes to the different types of glues and adhesives in existence. From fabric adhesive to epoxy and polyurethane glues, there are many other options out there. For more information about these additional glues, please refer to the Spotlight catalogue.



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