Foam is so much fun to work with, and this delightful medium can be used for so many different crafty projects. Choose foam stickers in a wide assortment of colours, styles and designs, foam shapes to make just about anything you like, or floristry foam for keeping your bouquets and arrangements neat and tidy. Whatever your foam needs, we have got you covered at Spotlight, with bargains galore across the range, shop foam now and be prepared for the next time inspiration strikes.

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The Different Types Of Foam Used For Crafting

Foam is a popular material for various crafting projects, this includes anything from children's crafts to millinery, home decorations, and even art projects. If you wish to learn more about the different types of foam you could use for crafting, be sure to read our overview below.

What Is Fresh Floral Foam?

As the name suggests, fresh floral foam is a popular type of foam in floristry. This unique type of foam has special moisture-wicking abilities, this enables you to work with fresh flowers and plants.

Fresh floral foam can be manipulated by hand, which means you can easily manipulate it to fit into a container. That being said, you can obtain fresh floral foam in different shapes and sizes, this can make it even easier to work with.

Please note that fresh floral foam can be labelled in different ways. For example, it can be marked as fresh floral foam, but it can also have the "wet" label. As such, always check the label to make sure you have obtained the right kind of floral foam.

What Is Dry Floral Foam?

Dry floral foam is the opposite of fresh floral foam. Opposed to being used for fresh floral arrangements, dry floral foam is best used for artificial flowers and centrepieces.

Crafters looking for dry floral foam can easily recognise it by its characteristic green colour. The material is a little harder than fresh floral foam too, which can make it slightly more difficult to manipulate. As such, it is more important to obtain the right size and shape for your project, this ensures minimal manipulation is required.

What Is Styrofoam?

When people talk about foam to craft with, they usually refer to this specific kind of foam. Styrofoam is a brand name, which means it is not particularly a type of foam, but more like a brand of foam.

Styrofoam is available in various shapes and sizes, mainly because of the many applications that are possible with this type of foam. In fact, Spotlight provides this kind of foam in little balls, cones, bells, eggs, blocks, and any other shape you have in mind. So, if you are not that great at manipulating Styrofoam, you can always purchase one of our ready-made shapes.

Working with Styrofoam is relatively easy. When you obtain a larger block of Styrofoam, you can easily cut or shape it into the design you want. Naturally, this proves useful for many crafters out there.

With Styrofoam, we do have to mention that the surface can be difficult to paint, this due to the unique texture of the foam. However, Spotlight offers Styrofoam that has been treated, which means it is smoother and easier to paint on. There are also certain products you can use to make your Styrofoam smoother.

When painting on Styrofoam, do not forget that not all paints are suitable for Styrofoam. Spray paint, for example, is not that great on Styrofoam. So, keep away from this kind of paint when you want to add some colour to your Styrofoam project.

If you want to cut Styrofoam a little easier, feel free to check our range for a dedicated foam cutter. A foam cutter is specifically designed to cut through foam materials, which could leave you with a smoother and cleaner finish.

What Is Smoothfoam?

Smoothfoam actually belongs to the category of Styrofoam, as this is another product that has been released by the same manufacturer. However, opposed to regular Styrofoam, Smoothfoam does not have the rough texture, making it easier to paint or finish.

What Is Specialty Foam?

If you find some foam that has not been included in this overview, you have most likely uncovered specialty foam. Most types of specialty foam are made from urethane and come in a unique shape or size. Therefore, specialty foam can be good for complex crafting projects.

Do you need some foam for your next crafting project, and do you want the best deal? You are in the right place at Spotlight, as we offer one of the biggest ranges of foam materials. Check out the catalogue today to find the foam materials you need and benefit from our amazing deals.



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