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These fabulous polystyrene shapes are the ideal base for so many different crafts, and they are so much fun to work with. They can be decorated in so many different ways, paint them, add sparkle, hang them, or anything else - the only limit is your imagination! Whether you are shopping for balls, frames, hearts, stars and more, get creative with our extensive range of polystyrene shapes from Spotlight.

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What Crafting Projects Can I Do With Styrofoam?

Styrofoam is a popular material to craft with, as it is used in anything from children's crafts to millinery and art. Of course, many crafters are looking for some inspiration once they have acquired some Styrofoam to craft with. If you still need some inspiration yourself, be sure to check out the top ideas below.

What Is The First Crafting Project I Can Do With Styrofoam?

One of the fun projects you can tackle with Styrofoam is a caterpillar made from Styrofoam balls. You need very little to make this fun caterpillar, this includes a colourful sock, three to six medium-sized Styrofoam balls, glue, a pencil, and some googly eyes. Additionally, you can also obtain some chenille sticks for the antennas.

To create your caterpillar, fill the sock with three (up to six) of the Styrofoam balls. When putting the balls into the sock, make sure you leave a little bit of space between each one, this will allow the caterpillar to have more movement. Once you have added all the balls, be sure to remove any of the excess sock with a pair of fabric scissors.

To create the face of your caterpillar, use the pencil and poke a hole into the last ball. Fill the hole with a considerable amount of glue. Then, use the pencil to insert the remainder of the socks into the hole, this will seal the caterpillar.

To make the caterpillar a little more fun to look at, you can glue googly eyes and other embellishments on the first ball. You can also use some chenille sticks for the antennas.

What Is The Second Crafting Project I Can Do With Styrofoam?

If you have a couple of little buddies running around, you can use some Styrofoam to create toy boats. They are really easy to make and work to boot. What more could you want from a crafting project?

If your children are very young, they might need some help to manipulate the Styrofoam into the right shape. Ideally, you want to trim a Styrofoam sheet and turn it into a pointed bow before you get started. You can do this in any size you want. However, remember that the bow will determine the overall size of the boat.

Before you start on some of the details, allow your children to pick a colour for the boat. Then, let them paint on the Styrofoam and turn the bow into their colour. Some types of Styrofoam will have to be treated with a special finish to allow for easier painting. However, you can also obtain a smooth Styrofoam to make painting easier.

Once the bow has been painted, you can add some details with more Styrofoam, this could include some seats for passengers. You can also make a simple sail out of a piece of paper and use a large toothpick to insert it into the Styrofoam. In short, you and your kids can be incredibly creative with this.

What Is The Third Crafting Project I Can Do With Styrofoam?

There are some fun crafting projects for little girls as well, this includes using Styrofoam to make a magic wand. To make a magic wand from Styrofoam, you will need a simple pencil, glue, a wooden stick, and some embellishments.

If your little girl is very young, you may want to manipulate the Styrofoam beforehand. Simply grab a thick sheet of Styrofoam and cut out a star shape before you get started. Then, attach the star to the wooden stick by poking a hole in the bottom of the star. Insert some glue followed by the stick and leave to dry.

When working with regular Styrofoam, make sure you treat the Styrofoam before painting on it. You can also use smooth foam if you do not want the extra hassle.

Once the wand is made, your child can start decorating it. Allow them to paint it into a colour they like. You can also glue on small gems and glitter to make it even more special. When using glitter, always use some simple mod podge to seal the glitter in place. You can also use a spray sealant to ensure the glitter does not go anywhere.



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