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How To Ensure Safe Arts And Crafts For Children?

There are many arts and crafts projects for children these days, but some require some additional safety considerations. If you are looking at our craft materials section for children's crafting projects, be sure to check out the safety guide we have created below.

Does The Project Require Adult Supervision Or Adult Assistance?

Before you choose some of our crafting materials, it is important to think about the project in question. Does it require adult supervision or adult assistance? While both include adult supervision, one does require more involvement and more unsafe tools.

It is important to note that all arts and crafts projects need some form of adult supervision. One particular concern is working with smaller parts, especially when younger children are involved. If insufficient adult supervision is available, e.g. when there are too many children for just one adult supervisor, then it is better to choose craft materials that cannot cause any severe problems.

Some crafting projects may require adult assistance, this may include cutting paper, working with a rotary cutter, or other more dangerous tools that are unsuitable for a certain age.

Is Age Grading Available For Crafting Materials?

Most people have a general idea of the crafting materials that can be used for children. However, you will notice that the crafting materials in our kids' section will be marked for a certain age range. Therefore, if you are in doubt about crafting materials, you can always refer to the grading system.

Please note that Spotlight has a section of crafting materials for adults as well as children. If you want to make sure all your crafting materials are completely safe, we urge you to obtain them from our kids' section alone. While it is not uncommon to obtain crafting materials from our adult section too, if you decide to do so it is best to ensure adult supervision and assistance.

Should I Consider Allergies?

This is something that is often forgotten when obtaining crafting materials for arts and crafts, but it should be taken into consideration. While most children's arts and crafts products are unlikely to cause problems with allergies, it is always better to double-check before obtaining them.

Certain ingredients are more commonly associated with allergies than others, this may include but is not limited to nuts, shellfish, eggs, milk, and gluten. While they are more likely to be encountered in foods, they can sometimes be used in arts and crafts supplies.

What Are Some Safety Considerations After The Use Of Arts And Craft Supplies?

There are some safety considerations when you use certain arts and crafts supplies. Below, we have listed the most common. However, always check the manufacturer's label for more information.

After the use of paint, always make sure the children wash their hands well. While paint is unlikely to cause problems, washing the hands ensures children do not ingest any of the ingredients after doing arts and crafts.

The use of crayons also comes with some safety considerations. For some projects, crayons can be heated up. When this is done, the adult supervisor should ensure the area in question is well-ventilated. The heating process should only be done by an adult as well, as improper use could cause burns and injuries.

During an arts and crafts project, it is not uncommon to encounter some smaller parts. When you are working with young children, these may be a choking hazard. Therefore, if you do decide to use smaller parts during a project, they should only be handled by an adult and placed in a secure location, which is not accessible to children.

Which Arts And Crafts Supplies Does Spotlight Provide?

As we briefly mentioned earlier, Spotlight has an incredible range of arts and crafts supplies. From crafting materials to crafting tools and fun project books, you can find them all at Spotlight.

Do you have a question about any of the crafting materials we offer? Customers can always contact Spotlight for some additional information. Spotlight can be contacted by telephone or email, but you can also visit one of our stores in person to speak to a member of staff face-to-face. We will be happy to assist.



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