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Whatever your crafty project, we have got the supplies that you need at Spotlight, including this fabulous range of reusable adhesives. Ideal for so many different projects and uses, including adding embellishments to your creation, putting up pictures and posters, or sticking up decorations. Add sparkle with our selection of metal leaf, shop adhesive tape for immaculate gift wrapping, or tack for the home or the office. Whatever your reusable adhesive needs, shop the range online or instore today

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How Many Different Kinds Of Adhesives Can I Obtain?

Since there are many different kinds of adhesives available today, finding the perfect option for your needs can be a little complicated. To help you understand the different types of adhesives, we have created a comprehensive overview below. So, whether you obtain reusable or single-use adhesive, you will always get the best option for your needs.

What Is Craft Glue?

Craft glue is water-based, this means you will often find this kind of glue in schools for children's arts and craft projects. Of course, this type of glue has applications for adults as well, as white craft glue is often used for paper craft.

What Is A Glue Stick?

Glue sticks are not the strongest adhesive in existence, but they are good for children's arts and crafting projects. They are also suitable for smaller projects such as paper craft or scrapbooking, this providing no additional structural strength is required from the glue.

What Is Wood Glue?

As the name suggests, wood glue is a type of glue that is used for woodcraft. Most wood glue types have quick-drying properties and some degree of water-resistance, which can make it suitable for outdoor use. However, we must mention that there are different grades of wood glue and some are more water-resistant than others. Therefore, always check manufacturer's instructions before using wood glue.

What Is Fabric Glue?

Fabric glue is commonly used by fashion designers and seamstresses, this to apply embellishments or for quick fixes. Like wood glue, fabric glue can have lots of variants, ensuring that there is a suitable glue for each kind of fabric. So, if you work with fabrics often and like to embellish them, make sure you obtain a variety of fabric glues.

What Is Super Glue?

Most households have a tub of super glue in their home, as this kind of glue is used for anything and everything. Super glue is perfect for fixing broken items inside the home, but also for those crafting projects that need a little more durability.

One of the major benefits of super glue is its quick-drying time. Naturally, this does make the glue a little more dangerous for children, so this type of glue should only be used by adults after reading the instructions carefully.

What Is Epoxy Glue?

Another strong type of glue you can encounter is so-called epoxy glue. As this is one of the strongest glues in existence, epoxy glue is only used when better performance is required.

What Is Spray Adhesive?

When you need to cover a large surface with glue, you want an application system that can cover such a large surface in minimal time. One of the best ways to cover your large surface in glue is with a spray adhesive.

Much like other types of glue, spray adhesives are available in various subtypes. As you may have guessed, these subtypes vary according to strength, so always check the strength of the glue to ensure it meets your requirements.

Crafters who work with spray adhesive should also remember to ventilate the crafting area well, this means opening a window and possibly wearing a protective mask.

What Is Polyurethane Adhesive?

Polyurethane adhesive is an extremely strong glue, which means this type of glue is usually applied when no other glue will work. As such, you will find many variations of this glue as well.

Since polyurethane glue is quite strong, it is important to check the manufacturer's instructions before use. Stronger glues can be more hazardous to work with, this means it becomes even more important to read the instructions before use.

Which Glues And Adhesives Can I Obtain At Spotlight?

Spotlight has an incredible range of glues and adhesives, this ranges from reusable adhesives on this page to permanent adhesives in our other glue sections. If you are looking for something to match a crafting project or a home improvement project, be sure to check out the options available at Spotlight.

Shopping for glue and adhesive at Spotlight certainly has its advantages. Not only do we provide a large range of glue and adhesive, we also provide these products for the best price. So, if you want to take advantage of a great deal on glue or adhesive, be sure to check out our range today.



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