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Take care of your adhesive needs with our superb selection of hot glue guns from Spotlight. Glue guns are a crafting essential and can be used to stick paper, wood, cardboard, metals, pearls or a whole host of other mediums. With both high and low-temperature guns available, as well as glue stick refills and glue gun kits. Keep it stuck together with our extensive collection of top-quality glue guns for all your DIY, arts and crafts desires.

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Learn All You Need To Know About Your Glue Gun

Glue guns are popular for both crafting and home improvement, so most people will have one in their crafting room or tool kit. Of course, there are lots of things to consider when you are working with a glue gun, this goes from the choice of glue to the features on your glue gun. If you wish to know more about glue guns, be sure to read the info provided by the Spotlight team below.

What Kind Of Glue Can Be Used In A Glue Gun?

There are many adhesives that can be used inside a glue gun, so it is a good idea to check out the options and their properties. Below, we have provided some details on the most commonly used adhesive inside glue guns, more specifically hot-melt adhesive.

One of the glue types available for your glue gun is the hot-melt adhesive, available under the abbreviation HMA. To use this kind of glue, you will need an electric hot glue gun, which contains a heating element that will melt the glue and make application easier.

Most types of glue for your glue gun will be delivered as a stick. Naturally, these glue sticks can have different dimensions and sizes overall, so it is important to check the diameter of the glue stick for your glue gun.

Most glue sticks can be disposed of as soon as they are empty. Most of these sticks can go with the general waste, as most of them do not contain any substances harmful to the environment. Of course, it is always best to check the manufacturer's label before you dispose of any empty glue stick.

Once you have purchased glue for your glue gun, be sure to check the manufacturer's instructions regarding the melting point of the glue. Some glues are more suitable for low-temperature glue guns, while others are more suitable for higher temperatures. For more information about these different kinds of glue guns, be sure to check the following info.

Are There Different Types Of Glue Guns?

The right glue gun is important, as the type of glue gun you obtain will determine how you can use your glue gun and what materials it is used for. To help you select the right glue gun for crafting or home improvement, we have described some of the most popular glue guns and their purposes below.

When selecting a glue gun, it is important to remember that there is a high-temperature and low-temperature option. Therefore, the glue you use inside those guns will be subject to their melting point.

A low-temperature glue gun usually heats up to a temperature of 121 degrees Celsius. Due to its lower temperature, this type of glue gun is more suitable to work with delicate materials such as fabrics. If you require a stronger bond from your glue, then you should be looking at the high-temperature option, which heats up to 204 degrees Celsius.

For crafters who cannot decide between a low-temperature and high-temperature glue gun, there is a solution too, since there are glue guns that provide both low-temperature and high-temperature features. Of course, this type of glue gun can cost a little more.

When you obtain a glue gun for crafting or home improvement, do not forget to look at some of the accessories that are available for glue guns these days. Accessories such as nozzles can help provide easier application, but also keep your glue gun free of any leftover glue.

Which Glue Guns Does Spotlight Provide?

Spotlight has a large collection of glue guns, this includes low-temperature, high-temperature, and combination glue guns for additional convenience. Of course, we offer all our glue guns for the sharpest prices, so you can benefit from a quality product without breaking the bank.

In addition to our range of glue guns, do not forget to look at our range of glue gun accessories and glue sticks! At Spotlight, you can get everything you need for an amazing price.

Do you have a question about a glue gun in our catalogue? Or are you unsure which glue gun will be best for your needs? If you require additional help or advice, do not hesitate to get in touch with our Spotlight team.



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