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What Are The Most Popular Easels For Artists?

Artists can use various mediums, but they can also use different easels to paint on. We all have an idea of how an easel should look, but you will find that there are countless types out there that accommodate to different styles and techniques. If you are curious about different kinds of artist easels, be sure to check out the options below.

What Is The First Type Of Easel I Can Use As An Artist?

One of the most common types of easels you can encounter is the H-frame easel. As the name heavily suggests, this type of easel has an H shape, so they are relatively easy to recognise.

When you have an H-shape easel, there are a number of advantages you can count on. One of the biggest benefits is the sturdiness of the easel, this because this type of easel has quite the sturdy base because of the H-shape.

We recommend an H-shape easel for anyone who has plenty of space to paint. Since this is not a compact kind of easel and will usually be left standing in the studio. On the bright side, this kind of easel can take a reasonably large canvas. Therefore, it is certainly a versatile option for various painting sizes.

What Is The Second Type Of Easel I Can Use As An Artist?

Another easel you can come across is a giant easel. Naturally, this is the kind of easel that is solely used for extremely large paintings. If you prefer to work with extremely large canvasses, then you simply cannot go without this kind of easel.

As you can imagine, a giant easel is quite large and sturdy, as it must carry a heavier canvas and offer you with stability as you are painting. On the flipside, this does mean they are quite bulky. So, if you do not have the room to place this easel in your studio, you might need to find an alternative.

What Is The Third Type Of Easel I Can Use As An Artist?

We already mentioned the H-shaped easel, but you can also obtain the A-shaped easel. Once again, the name of the easel is determined by its overall shape. The easel is characterised by its three legs, this includes two in the front and one in the back.

One of the major benefits of the A-shaped easel is that it works perfectly in compact spaces. While some easels require a large amount of room, this is not the case for the A-shaped easel. It can be made more compact for storage but does not take a lot of room up in the first place.

Despite its compact nature, A-shaped easels can take canvasses of a considerable size. They can also handle some of the smaller canvasses, so artists will find they do not have to stick to one or two sizes of canvas specifically. That being said, this type of easel cannot handle extremely large sizes as a giant easel could.

What Is The Fourth Type Of Easel I Can Use As An Artist?

Our next suggestion is more unusual than the previous types of easels we mentioned, because our next option is the hybrid easel. The unique aspect of the hybrid easel is that it can be converted to suit your needs. If you do not work with canvas alone, this can only play in your benefit.

Hybrid easels come in a variety of sizes and they can come with some additional features. One additional feature, for example, is a dedicated paint tray or supply holder. Naturally, the additional features can determine the overall price of the easel.

What Is The Fifth Type Of Easel I Can Use As An Artist?

If you are looking for the most affordable easel, then the single mast easel might be what you are looking for. While they are not as strong as some of the other easels mentioned here today, they are still perfect for beginners and they do not take up a lot of space at all.

Of course, single mast easels can vary in price and in overall durability. They can also come in various materials, this ranges from wood to full aluminium.



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