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Painting Tools

Painting Tools

At Spotlight, we have all the tools that you need to paint the perfect picture, with an extensive range of essentials and specialty items to choose from. Having the right painting tools for the job will give you freedom to paint as you please and to express yourself in the way that you desire, whether it is the right brush, canvas, palette, or anything else. With such a wide choice available, and bargains galore across the range, Spotlight is your one-stop shop for all your painting needs.

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Can I purchase Painting Tools from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we stock just about everything that you could possibly need to create your very own masterpiece.  Whether you dream of becoming the next Picasso, Frida or Dali, we are certain that you will find the all of the painting tools, mediums and supplies at Spotlight. With top quality paints, tools, and surfaces and guaranteed low prices across the entire collection, make Spotlight your number one shopping destination for all your art supplies

What is included in the selection of Painting Tools at Spotlight?

Whether you are a total beginner or a master painter who has a passion for the arts, then we are certain that you will find all of the supplies that you need amongst our collection here at Spotlight. There is so much choice available, and it contains just about all the essential tools and speciality items that any budding artist could desire. With paintbrushes in a range of sizes, thicknesses and materials, as well as tons of different types of paints in a rainbow of colours.

If you are looking for the perfect way to store your artistic supplies, or any other crafty bits and bobs, then check out the range of storage containers that we have available. A Mannequin is an essential tool if you are planning to draw the human form, whereas, a palette will provide the perfect surface for mixing your colours. Whatever tool you need to complete your work of art, you are sure to find it at Spotlight.

Do you have any advice for painting with children?

Painting is a fantastic activity for children as it gives them the opportunity to express themselves while having and evidence suggests that it helps to develop cognitive skills, fine motor skills, and hand-to-eye coordination. Perhaps, those messy painted crafts that you do now with your toddler will spark a love of the arts. Your little one could possibly be the next Van Gogh, Picasso or Monet and it would have all started with the finger paints that you bought from Spotlight!

When you are painting with children, please ensure that you use child-friendly paints and ensure that any solvents or possibly poisonous pigments are kept out of their reach. We have so many items that have been specifically designed for little ones, and spending a few hours painting together would be a fabulous way to spend some educational quality time together. This selection of painting tools also includes a range of mats and aprons that will help to keep your little one and the room that they are in clean and tidy.

How can I keep my paintbrushes clean?

The method that you use to wash your paintbrush may depend on the paint or medium that you have been using it with. We always recommend that you rinse your brushes immediately after each use, to prevent paints from drying onto the bristles and rendering the brush unusable. You can use special soap that will keep your brushes in optimum condition, however, if you do not have this available, handwashing soap or dish soap can be effective. Dry your paintbrushes before lying horizontally in a safe place, ensuring that they are fully dried before being stored. Alternatively, check out one of our brush washers for simple and easy clean-up. Your brushes will stay in top condition for longer with one of these handy tools.

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