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Find everything that you need to make drawing a doddle in our comprehensive range of drawing aids at Spotlight. This range also features a wide selection of aids and accessories that will enhance your artwork, with tools to distress, emboss, or decoupage your creations. Whether you are looking for something in particular or just browsing for inspiration, transform your drawings with our selection of drawing aids.

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Which Drawing Tools Are Essential For Budding Artists?

Every artist has a selection of drawing tools they cannot go without. Of course, if you are just starting out, it can be difficult to determine which tools are most important for your personal collection. To help you build a solid foundation of tools for your artwork, we have created an overview of must-have tools for artists below.

What Are The First Drawing Tools I Require As A Budding Artist?

A good selection of graphite pencils is an absolute must for artists. In fact, almost all artists use these pencils on a regular basis. Graphite pencils are often used to create smooth strokes on paper, but variations of the basic graphite pencil can deliver different effects on paper. Therefore, always check the pencils you obtain to ensure you get the most out of them.

In addition to basic graphite pencils, it is a good idea to obtain some charcoal pencils to supplement them. While graphite pencils are made from a combination of clay and graphite, charcoal pencils are made of charcoal. Therefore, charcoal pencils will provide a much darker effect on paper than basic graphite.

A charcoal pencil can become one of the most versatile drawing tools in your arsenal. However, they can be somewhat difficult to handle for beginners, especially when starting to experiment with blending techniques. So, always practice with charcoal pencils before you use them on your sketches.

Talking about pencils, you should also have a look at so-called carbon pencils. While they may look quite similar to charcoal pencils, carbon pencils create a much smoother result on paper. In addition to that, carbon pencils can also be used on surfaces other than paper, this includes surfaces consisting of glass, metal, and plastic.

What Is The Second Drawing Tool I Require As A Budding Artist?

As a new artist, you will regularly experiment with new mediums. While you may prefer pencils at the start, it is certainly not a bad idea to try something different. One of the mediums you can experiment with once you have developed a technique is ink.

Ink can be used in sketches and drawings in many different ways. You can use ink to add more texture or create an entire sketch with it. You can also create fine and thick lines to add extra dimension to a drawing. Simply try some new things to determine if ink will be incorporated in your style as an artist in the future.

What Is The Third Drawing Tool I Require As A Budding Artist?

There are more mediums you could consider as an artist. Crayons and pastels have particularly increased in popularity over the past couple of years. While they remain most popular among children, artists are now incorporating them in artwork and often use them as a sole drawing tool.

One of the benefits of working with pastels and crayons is the different colours and effects they can provide. If you notice your artwork is usually quite colourful and vibrant, you could undoubtedly benefit from developing your skills with pastels and crayons.

There are different types of pastels and crayons you could be using for your artwork. Popular types include soft pastels, hard pastels, pastel pencils, water-soluble crayons, and oil pastels. As you may have guessed, each type of pastel can create a different effect on paper or any other medium you may be using. Therefore, obtain a combination of crayons and pastels to determine which fit your technique best.

What Is The Fourth Drawing Tool I Require As A Budding Artist?

To make your starters collection complete, you will require accessories such as blending tools, pencil sharpeners, and erasers. Please note that there are different types of these accessories and some may be more beneficial for your drawing style than others. As such, it can be advantageous to obtain several different tools to see which ones you are most comfortable with.

Does Spotlight Provide Different Drawing Tools And Drawing Aids I Can Take Advantage Of?

Spotlight provides a collection of drawing aids and tools, this includes the drawing tools and accessories we have mentioned here. We also provide more advanced drawing aids. Be sure to check out the full catalogue to determine what could benefit you.



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