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Sew Perfectly With These Top Tips From Spotlight!

Sewing is an art on its own and it takes some time to master it. Fortunately, you can count on some of the top tips from Spotlight, who can make the sewing process easier and your route to mastery smoother. Read on to discover how you can make the best from your future sewing projects.

What Is The First Tip To Sew Perfectly?

The quality of your fabric will contribute greatly to how your project looks. While you will work with some lesser fabrics as a beginner to keep the cost down, once you become more proficient, you may want to look at the higher quality fabrics available today.

What Is The Second Tip To Sew Perfectly?

Most fabrics you obtain for a sewing project will have to be pre-washed before you can sew with them. The problem with fabric is that they can shrink upon first wash, this is not something you want when you have already sewn your fabric. So, always pre-wash your fabric unless the manufacturer states not to do so.

Once you have washed your fabric before you start sewing, you will have to dry it properly and iron it too. Once you have washed your fabrics, you can find wrinkles, which makes the sewing process harder. This is especially the case for fabrics such as linen. So, make sure you get a good iron to get your fabrics in perfect condition.

What Is The Third Tip To Sew Perfectly?

Cutting fabric is another important aspect of your sewing project. Like other skills you learn along the way, it takes some time to master. However, the proper tools and clear instructions can go a long way.

It needs to be said that not every crafter enjoys the cutting fabric process since there are a few things that could go wrong. Invest in the appropriate tools, this includes a good pair of fabric scissors. Also, check the grain and the bias of the fabric before you cut into it.

What Is The Fourth Tip To Sew Perfectly?

A good sewing machine will contribute to the quality of your project as well, this is pretty self-explanatory. However, a good sewing machine does not have to cost a fortune. As long as you obtain a sewing machine that can handle a good straight and zig-zag stitch, your sewing projects will look wonderful.

Before you start using your sewing machine for your first project, it is certainly a good idea to look into some tutorial videos on its use. You can also check some online reviews, as they often contain valuable information on how to counter common problems with the machine.

What Is The Fifth Tip To Sew Perfectly?

Beginners often skip an important step when it comes to sewing, more specifically the pressing process. When you do not press during sewing, it can make your project look less than perfect. Therefore, this is a skill you should get used to from the very beginning.

There are a number of things that can assist you during the pressing process, this may go from dedicated tools to instructional videos. With this, we must mention that you can press your fabric with your fingers as you sew. However, the amount you can press and the results you get will not be as great as you would get with a dedicated pressing tool.

What Is The Sixth Tip To Sew Perfectly?

Another vital skill you will require is interfacing, so it is important to look at how to work with interfacing as soon as you possibly can. Interfacing is used for so many things in sewing, this ranges from giving more strength and firmness to a specific part of a garment to adding more weight for a better drape. Needless to say, interfacing has applications in more than garment making alone.

What Is The Final Tip To Sew Perfectly?

Our final tip to get the most from your sewing skills is to maintain your sewing machine on a regular basis. While it may be tempting not to look at your sewing machine unless you are using it, not maintaining your sewing machine could cause some problems down the line.



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