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Keep all your craft supplies neat and organised with our fabulous range of craft organisers at Spotlight. There are so many different types to choose from, and these super stylish storage solutions will help to ensure that you can clear away the clutter and keep your workspace neat and tidy. Whether you are looking to store jewellery, beads, card and papers, or anything else, we have the perfect organiser for you amongst this collection.

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Keep Your Craft Supplies Organised With These Useful Tips

Every crafter has encountered this problem in the past, more specifically having too many crafting supplies and too little room. Fortunately, you can count on the handy craft organisers from Spotlight alongside these useful tips to keep things as organised as possible.

What Is The First Tip To Keep My Craft Supplies Organised?

One of the biggest problems crafters encounter relates to all those small embellishments, this may include anything from artificial eyes for doll making to buttons and beads. Keeping these organised is not an easy task, yet it is possible by getting some storage boxes with handy dividers.

Storage boxes come in all shapes and sizes these days, this makes it easier to find a storage box to suit your needs. If you have lots of smaller crafting supplies, it could be a good idea to get multiple boxes with dividers, this allows you to keep these small embellishments separate according to their type. Naturally, this is also a great tip for crafters who do more than one craft on a regular basis, as it keeps things more easily accessible and organised.

What Is The Second Tip To Keep My Craft Supplies Organised?

When it comes to crafting, there is almost no such thing as unused material. As such, we often end up with spare fabric swatches, used sponges, and other small things that clutter up the crafting room.

There is no problem with keeping used crafting materials you expect you will be using in the future, providing you have the room to store them. If you find that your craft room is taken over by those "used" crafting materials, why not have an honest look at what you have and see if you can get rid of some?

If you have gotten rid of all you can, some dedicated, stackable storage boxes for used craft supplies may prove incredibly useful. If you do not have the space to put these supplies on clear display, always make sure you label each of the boxes, this way you know what each one contains, and it becomes much easier to access.

What Is The Third Tip to Keep My Craft Supplies Organised?

Keeping a crafting room organised is not that evident if you do not have a lot of space. You may love some of those dedicated crafting solutions in the form of cupboards and even crafting desks, but do you have the room for them? If the answer is no, then it might be time to use some of the vertical space you have available.

Instead of choosing bulky storage options such as dedicated cupboards, why not try shelves or towel bars instead. By using towel bars, you can use some storage boxes you can hang over the bar. You can even use it to slide your finished pieces of jewellery over. So, storage does not always mean you need a large amount of space. You just have to be smart with the space you have.

What Is The Fourth Tip To Keep My Craft Supplies Organised?

Many crafters will tell you that it can be useful to organise certain crafting supplies by colour, this is especially the case for fabric and paper scraps. There is always one project or another where you could use these and finding them easily by their dedicated colour could only prove useful.

There are many crafting solutions that help keep your crafting materials organised by colour, this could be a simple clear storage box with several integrated drawers or cubes. It all depends on the kind of storage and accessibility you prefer.

Of course, keeping your craft supplies organised does not solely limit itself to the same colour. For example, if you regularly do papercraft, you may have a lot of stock cards in your personal collection. To keep these organised and easily accessible, store all these stock cards in the right place, this enables you to see what you have in just the blink of an eye.

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