Spotlight National Craft Month 2017

Each weekend in March, join your local Spotlight team as we MAKE IT!

This Craft Month we’re encouraging everyone with a DIY streak to come into Spotlight and be part of the fun.

Share your creations and inspiration with us all on Facebook and Instagram using #craftmonth #makeityourself.

National Craft Month 2017 Motifs

In-Store Events
Make It For Kids

Saturday 4th March & Sunday 5th March

Make It For Kids

Kids’ activities and easy DIY projects for the whole family.

Learn a new skill or share one of your own.

Make It For Giving

Saturday 11th March & Sunday 12th March

Make It For Giving

We celebrate making beautiful and sough-after gifts for loved ones and charity.

From crochet beanies to baby blankets, join us in supporting our local communities.

Make It A Party

Saturday 18th March & Sunday 19th March

Make It A Party

Everybody deserves a special day and Spotlight is at the heart of the “personalised party” revolution.

Join us for a day of decoration and celebration.

Make It For Home

Saturday 25th March & Sunday 26th March

Make It For Home

It’s makeover time as we re-use, re-purpose and upcycle our family favourites.

Make something new or restore something pre-loved!

Meet Our Craft Month Ambassadors
Join Us Live On Facebook With LoreleiJoin Us Live On Facebook With Cintia

 Jump on board the #HomeHacks movement with Lorelei from Craftsmumship. Lorelei will demonstrate different ways we can decorate with hoops to make dreamcatchers.

This latest BoHo trend will bring some whimsical magic to your home.

Craft is good for the soul, and Cintia from My Poppet is here to show us why. Cintia will be demonstrating the fun & simple craft staple of ‘pom-pom making.’

A quick and easy way to jazz up key chains & handbags, this ‘craft therapy’ is sure to add some colour to your world!

National Craft Month 2017 Craft Ambassadors
Angela - Finlee & MeKelly - Be A Fun Mum
Imogen - Inside Out StyleSarah - TOMFO
Eve - Dot & PopAnorina - Samelia's Mum
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