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Buying Guide For Children's Bedding

At Spotlight, you can buy bedding for your child's bedroom for quite the affordable price. Since there are lot of bed linen options to choose from, we have created a comprehensive buying guide for children's bedding. If you are trying to understand fabric fibres and thread count, be sure to read on.

How To Select The Best Fabric Fibre For Children's Bedding?

Children's bedding can be made from lots of different fabric fibres. Common choices include cotton, polyester, silk and even linen. But which fabric fibre is best to provide superior comfort?

The general rule of thumb when it comes down to fabric fibres is that the thinner the fabric fibre, the softer the sheets will be. Each popular fibre does have some typical properties too, which we will list next.

Cotton: A natural material such as cotton is reliable and hypoallergenic. It is usually the recommended bedding material for both children and adults, this due to its affordability and decent comfort level.

Synthetic: Various synthetic materials such as polyester can be used to make bed linen. However, synthetics tend to be less comfortable, but they can be more durable compared to natural fibres. Manufacturers often combine synthetic materials with natural materials such as cotton, this ensures better durability and comfort at the same time.

Silk: Not many parents purchase silk sheets for their kids, mainly because of the higher cost associated with these sheets. They are also more susceptible to stains and more difficult to maintain, so they are usually reserved for adults. That being said, there is nothing quite like the smoothness and comfort of real silk.

While you have other materials such as natural linen, Egyptian cotton and sateen, being familiar with the three basic types above will help you narrow down the available choices.

How Do I Determine The Best Thread Count For Children's Bedding?

Thread count is a subjective term for many people, but it does play a role in the overall comfort of your sheets. Most sheets being produced will have a thread count between 200 and 1000. As you will notice quickly, there can be a major difference between a thread count of 200 and a thread count of 500.

As an adult, you are bound to have your own preferences when it comes to thread count. Anything lower than 200 tends to be less durable and can feel a little less soft, although it can be a solution for a lower budget. If you do have the option, we urge you to look at options with 500 thread count, which tend to be softer, durable, and are almost going to guarantee a good night sleep.

Does The Weight Of Bed Linen Matter?

Adults do not pay too much attention to the weight of bed linen, but it can be rather important for children. For young children, heavy sheets can become quite bothersome and could potentially be dangerous. On the flipside, heavier sheets can be considered for children who have been diagnosed with autism, as the additional weight can have a soothing effect. To ensure you have the right sheets, it is advised to think about the needs of your child. Room temperature can also play a role, as heavier sheets can provide more warmth than lighter options.

Do I Need To Wash New Bed Linen Before Putting It On My Child's Bed?

Even after purchasing new sheets, it is recommended to wash them before making your child's bed. The sheets can be exposed to various chemicals, no matter which manufacturer produces them. Some fabric can shrink further if they were not pre-shrunk during the production process. Although rare, washing bedding before making the bed prevents some unwanted surprises.

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