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  • Brampton House Garment Bag

    Brampton House Garment Bag

    Protect your suits, dresses and other items of clothing from dust and grime using this robust vinyl garment bag to safely cover them whilst in storage.

    Reg: $5.99

  • Brampton House Duvet Inner Storage Bag

    Brampton House Duvet Inner Storage Bag

    An ideal container for storing spare quilts or comforters, this handy storage bag provides robust protection against dust and dirt.

    Reg: $24.99

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  • Brampton House Underbed Storage Bag

    Brampton House Underbed Storage Bag

    Don't let the space under the bed go to waste. Make use of it to store spare clothing and other items utilising one of these durable under bed storage bags.

    Reg: $24.99

  • Brampton House Dress Bag

    Brampton House Dress Bag

    Made from high quality vinyl which provides superb protection against dust and air-born dirt, this versatile dress bag is just the thing to keep your clothing in superb condition.

    Reg: $5.99

  • Lock Stock & Barrel Suit Bag

    Lock Stock & Barrel Suit Bag

    Lock Stock & Barrel Suit Bag: Keep your clothing dust and dirt-free with this heavy-duty bag. With room for four suits, it's made from clear material so you can see what's inside at a glance.

    Reg: $9.00

  • Lock Stock & Barrel Sweater Bag Pair

    Lock Stock & Barrel Sweater Bag Pair

    Lock Stock & Barrel Sweater Bag Pair: The convenient front zipper on this pair of garment bags ensures that clothing can be easily removed with minimal risk of unsightly creases or folds.

    Reg: $7.00

  • Lock Stock & Barrel Shoulder Cover 3 Pack

    Lock Stock & Barrel Shoulder Cover 3 Pack

    Minimise wear and damage to your favourite clothes with these robust shoulder covers, which are generously cut enabling up to three garments to be contained at a time.

    Reg: $10.00

  • Lockstock & Barrel Blanket Bag

    Lockstock & Barrel Blanket Bag

    The clear, robust material used to construct this blanket bag means you can quickly and easily identify the contents, providing a straight-forward and convenient storage solution.

    Reg: $7.00

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Can I purchase bedroom storage items at Spotlight?

Yes, you can! At Spotlight, we have many solutions for bedroom storage which means you can keep your bedroom looking neat and uncluttered. Take a look at the bedroom storage range online or in store, and see for yourself the many handy storage solutions we can offer, from clothing storage items to storage for bulky items including duvets, as well as storage for smaller items such as scarves, belts, ties, accessories and more.

What types of bedroom storage do you recommend?

Our strong plastic storage bags are extremely popular and versatile, as they allow you to protect clothes and other items and store them in out of the way inside cupboards, under beds and even in the loft. If you are short of storage space, you could consider our vacuum storage bags, which will save on space once you have used your vacuum cleaner to extract the air from them, allowing you to store more items in the same space. Just follow the simple instructions on the bag and marvel at the way your vacuum storage bag shrinks in size!

What about items that need to hang on clothes hangers?

Spotlight has a variety of clothes hangers that will allow you to find the best hanger for trousers, suits, skirts, delicates and garments that need non-slip hangers, including some special space saving hangers. If your wardrobes are short of hanging rail capacity, check out the adjustable double rail garment hanger which can be wheeled along on castors and can provide extra hanging space inside a wardrobe or in a spare room. Simply move the rails up or down to accommodate long items such as dresses or shorter garments like trousers or shirts.

What other types of bedroom storage can I find at Spotlight?

Check out the handy pocket organiser and hanging shelf unit that can be added to your wardrobe quickly and easily to provide extra space for smaller items, accessories and shoes, or take a look at the option of storage boxes with see through front panel, that allow you to see at a glance what is stored inside. A handy four-drawer wire basket is also available, that can hold a number of smaller garments. The design makes it easy to see what is stored in each basket and the baskets glide out for ease of access too.

Does Spotlight sell any other storage items?

We are proud to offer a huge range of different storage options at Spotlight including baskets, hampers, storage boxes, caddies, containers and a large number of fun, decorative storage boxes specially designed for kids rooms too. With so many storage solutions for all areas of the house including bathrooms and kitchens, you are bound to find the right storage for your home here at Spotlight. Dont forget our low price guarantee, which means that you can shop safely in the knowledge that you are getting the best price for all your bedroom storage solutions.