Allergy Sensitive

If you or your family member suffers from allergies, this can cause restless nights and poor sleep. Help to make sure that you always get the perfect night's rest with our fabulous range of allergy-sensitive bedding at Spotlight. With pillows, protectors, duvets and more, our antibacterial bedding is the perfect option for an individual with asthma or sensitivities to down or feathers.

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Can I buy allergy sensitive bedding from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we have an array of anti-allergy bedding that has been purposely designed to reduce the impact of dust mites and other allergens on your sleep. We have a wide assortment of products, such as these, that have been purposely designed to reduce the impact of allergies on your rest. Our allergy sensitive range will soothe sensitive skin, help to prevent dust mites from exacerbating eczema, and will help you to breathe easier and enjoy a restful night. Shop the selection online or at your local Spotlight store today for the best of allergy-sensitive bedding at our unbelievably low prices.

What is included in this range?

This range includes a selection of sleep solutions that are ideal for anyone who has allergies or sensitivities. You will be able to get a great night's sleep when wrapped up in one of our hypoallergenic duvets, resting your head on an anti-allergy pillow, or feeling protected with one of our mattress protectors. Anti-allergy mattress protectors have extremely small pores within the fabrics and materials, which are too small to allow the dust mites to enter. Effective protectors and covers will prevent you from breathing in the allergens whilst you sleep, with this impenetrable layer giving you that extra layer of protection. It is important to choose the right pillow, as it is here where you will rest your head. To avoid waking up with itchy eyes and a runny nose, shop hypoallergenic pillows that are washable and super comfortable. Whatever your bedding dilemma, we are sure to have the anti-allergy solution for you amongst this collection.

Who would benefit from allergy sensitive bedding?

If you often wake up and you are still feeling tired, with a runny nose and watery eyes, there is a chance that your sleep is being affected by allergies. Dust mites are tiny microorganisms that thrive in warm, moist climates and live off dead skin cells, hair and dust. It is the proteins in their excretions which can trigger allergies. However, just because you suffer from allergies, you do not need to compromise on comfort, and all of these products have been designed to provide you with the warmth and support you require and make sure that you get the sleep you need. Keep pesky dust from affecting your dreams with this fabulous selection.

What is the difference between hypoallergenic and anti-allergy?

This allergy sensitive range has been designed to ease the sleep of those that suffer, and products within this collection are either hypoallergenic, anti-allergy or a combination of the two. Hypoallergenic means that is less likely to trigger allergies due to featuring materials that are impenetrable by allergens. Whereas, anti-allergy means that the product has been treated especially to prevent or minimise the development of dust mites or to offer protection against allergens.

How should I wash my new allergy sensitive bedding?

Well, that does depend on which of our anti-allergy range you have chosen, and we always recommend reading the manufacturers care instruction's for your purchase fully. It is important to wash your temperature at 60 degrees or above to ensure that any house dust mites have been killed and that your new product is clean. It is important to wash your bedding regularly, and, if you do suffer from allergies, keep your bed free of any extra cushions, soft toys or blankets. Do not tumble dry your new anti-allergy sleep solution, and always avoid the use of any harsh chemicals, such as bleach or chlorine.



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