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How To Keep Your New Beach Towels Soft And Comfortable?

When you've headed to the beach with your beach towel in the past, you may have worried about their softness and overall comfort once they have been used. It is important to know that towels can be affected by a number of environmental factors such as dirt, friction and even hard water. So, to ensure you keep your new beach towels pristine for as long as possible, we have created this comprehensive overview of towel maintenance, which means you can enjoy them for much longer!

Which Laundry Detergent Should I Use For Beach Towels?

Even though you will use laundry detergent to wash your towels most of the time, it is important to remember that this detergent can start to accumulate on the towel over time. In turn, this will make your beach towel feel stiff.

To prevent your beach towels from becoming stiff, it is important to keep a close eye on the amount of detergent you are using. Ideally, you want to use a little less detergent than usual. Doing so will keep your towels more flexible and will increase their overall lifespan.

What Should The Temperature Of The Water Be?

Washing your beach towel should always be done in some warm water. Of course, it is not recommended to wash your beach towel on an extremely high temperature. Instead, you should put your beach towel on 30 or 40 degrees Celsius.

A temperature range between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius ensures the proper dissolving of detergent. In turn, this means this will be less detergent build-up after a wash, which can make your towels less stiff.

What Fabric Softener Is Best For Beach Towels?

Did you know that some fabric softeners actually has a water-repelling quality? As a result, they will not be cleaned properly and leave more detergent residue. Fortunately, there is an easy trick to counter this particular problem.

Every couple of weeks, it can be a good idea to add a small cup of white vinegar to your wash. When the beach towel is placed in the wash, the white vinegar will dissolve any detergent residue that has built on the towel. As this residue can cause your beach towel to feel incredibly rough, one cup of white vinegar can solve the problem completely.

Please note that the white vinegar should not be used for beach towels all the time. Once every couple of weeks is more than enough. You can also use it when your towels start to feel really rough and you want to soften them up a little bit.

In addition to vinegar, there are other simple ingredients you can use to remove any residue from a beach towel. Baking soda is another simple ingredient that can do this. Even though it can cause friction on the material., it can remove any chemical that remains on the towel and make the beach towel softer. Baking soda is also a natural odour remover, which can be beneficial for a damp beach towel that was left in the wash for some time.

As with vinegar, you should only use baking soda every once and again. Simply use baking soda every couple of weeks to give your beach towels a revitalising boost and increase their overall lifespan.

How Do I Get My Beach Towels Fluffier?

Many people struggle to get their beach towel fluffy again once it has been used at the beach. Once again, there is a simple trick you can implement. Grab a tennis ball or a dedicated dryer ball and throw it in with your beach towels. The ball will fluff your towels during the drying process, and you don't have to do anything else.

Please note that towels should be air dried wherever possible. The heat can make towels fluffier, but it can damage the integrity of certain towel fibres. If your towel is made from Turkish cotton, for example, air drying should be the better option.

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