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Familiarise Yourself With Bath Towel Materials For A More Comfortable Wash

While you may not have thought about it in the past, towels can be made from various fabrics and materials. Evidently, these materials and comfort can have an influence on the properties of bath towels. If you are looking to purchase a decent towel selection for your kids, then be sure to read on. Below, we discuss the various towel materials, but also the various types of towels you need to be familiar with.

Which Towel Fabrics Are Most Comfortable?

Nowadays, manufactures pay close attention to the comfort of towels. After all, many people have a sensitive skin, so the fabric of the towel must cater to that. Fortunately, there are many materials to choose from and they all have their benefits.


Cotton is the most common material you will encounter for towels. It is affordable and quite versatile for a variety of bathrooms and needs. If budget is an issue, and you still require a decent quality towel, then cotton is the material to look for.

Egyptian cotton

Many people have heard about Egyptian cotton and their superior comfort. Unfortunately, real Egyptian cotton comes from a very specific area in Egypt and is therefore rare. Because of its rare nature, you can expect towels from real Egyptian cotton to cost considerably more than regular cotton towels.

On the flipside, there is nothing quite like the luxury and comfort that one can experience with an Egyptian cotton towel. It is rare to find real Egyptian cotton in children's towels, but you will encounter them in adult options.


When you are looking for an environmentally friendly option, bamboo could be the material for you. Bamboo is a renewable resource - this means that it will not cause significant harm to the environment. Natural bamboo also has good antibacterial and mildew-resistant properties.

What Kind Of Towels Should I Get For The Bathroom?

When you have browsed our catalogue of towels, you may have noticed that there are various types available. Below, we have provided a brief overview of each type and their respective purpose.

  • The bath towel: This is the most versatile type of towel in the list. It is used for anything from hand drying to hair and body drying. Useable by both children and adults, you should always have a decent supply of bath towels in the house.
  • The bath sheet: Most people see the bath sheet as just an oversized towel, but it is much more than that. The bath sheet can be used to cover your entire body in just an instant, which is great for everyone who gets cold easily when getting out of the bath or shower. It can also be a great option for people who are taller.
  • The hand towel: If you do not like to use regular towels in your bathroom for hand washing, you will need a selection of hand towels. Evidently, hand towels are considerably smaller than regular towels. That being said, they are more compact, which means they look brilliant next to a sink and can have some decorative accents.
  • The finger towel: Not everyone uses a finger towel these days, so it would not be unusual if you are not familiar with this type of towel. While its purpose is mainly decorative, it can be used for quick hand and finger drying. In fact, it fulfils the same function as a hand towel. Still, compared to a hand towel, a finger towel can be much more decorative. If your bathroom design and look is important, you could consider adding an additional finger towel near your sink.
  • The wash cloth: Wash cloths are in a class of their own, as they are not used for drying but to wash your body and face. That being said, they are often made of the same materials as bath towels and hand towels.

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