Bathroom Bins

Bathroom Bins

Looking for a new bin for your bathroom? Find the perfect solution at Spotlight, with one of our bathroom bins, mini-bins or canisters, which can be used to store a range of toiletries or serve to contain used make-up wipes and other small bathroom rubbish, to keep your bathroom looking neat and tidy at all times.

Choose from stylish bamboo, smart stainless steel or coordinated bins that match our range of other bathroom products such as towels, bath mats, shower curtains and other accessories, for an overall coordinated look in your bathroom.

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  • Linea Home Zig Zag Canister

    Linea Home Zig Zag Canister

    Add some style and colour to your bathroom with this Linea Home Zig Zag Canister. Co-ordinate with the fashionable Zig Zag towel collection or other matching accessories from this exciting range.

    Reg: $10.00

  •   KOO Bamboo Bathroom Bin

    KOO Bamboo Bathroom Bin

    Transform your bathroom into a tropical paradise by adding some natural bamboo. Practical and durable, this KOO Bamboo Bathroom Bin is a fresh-looking, stylish option.

    Was: $39.99

    Now: $23.99

  •   Ladelle Basic Bath Mini Bin

    Ladelle Basic Bath Mini Bin

    Ladelle has been creating and designing quality homeware products for nearly 30 years. Quality you can trust, the Ladelle Basic Bath Mini Bin will establish a whole new look to your bathroom to express your individual style.

    Was: $34.99

    Now: $20.99

  • Linea Home Urban Geo Canister

    Linea Home Urban Geo Canister

    Linea Home Urban Geo Canister is a Charcoal coloured modern looking ceramic air tight container that will match your bathroom decor. So, accessorise your bathroom with the shades of grey for a contemporary look today!

    Reg: $10.00

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Can I purchase bathroom bins at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. If you are looking for a new bathroom bin, you will find the perfect solution at Spotlight, with one of our bathroom bins or mini-bins. Keep your bathroom looking neat and tidy at all times with one of our stylish bins.

Why should I have a bin in the bathroom?

Having a bin in the bathroom is ideal for getting rid of used bathroom product bottles, such as shampoo or shower gel, discarded soap wrappers, the insides of toilet rolls, and all the other wrapping and items that are associated with bathroom products. Who wants to come into the bathroom to be greeted by a mess of empty bottles, plastic wrapping, or discarded tissues?

No matter how small, most bathrooms or shower rooms have space to put a bin in the room, to keep it looking tidy. If you are short of space, you could also look at our great mini-bins. These are particularly useful for getting rid of small items such as cotton buds, bits of tissue, cotton wool, make-up remover pads and other small items. With a handy flip-top lid they are easy to operate and will keep your bathroom pristine.

Does Spotlight sell other bins too?

Yes, you can find bins for all across the home and even for outside here at Spotlight. We have bins for kitchen waste, recycling bins, bins for use in living rooms, bedrooms and office space, and even storage bins. Browse our range of bins to see the many sizes, styles and designs that are on offer.

What are the bins made of?

Materials vary, so you need to think about the type of waste that you will be using your bin for and choosing the one that will work best. Some bins, such as those made from mesh, can be decorative but not practical for small rubbish such as pencil shavings, fruit peelings or cigarette ash. Using a bin liner may be the way to go if you want to use one of those. Bins with a built-in plastic liner that can be taken out and cleaned are great if you have to get rid of food waste or semi-liquids. Always make sure you do not dispose of hot foods in plastic bins as that can damage the bin. Leave it to cool off before discarding. Bins that need to be kept outdoors have to be made from materials that will withstand rain and cold.

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