Spotlight has all your bathroom essentials. Towels, bath mats, bath robes and storage solutions are all here with a variety of colours and styles to suit.

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Upgrade Your Bathroom With The Bath Range From Spotlight

Transforming your bathroom into a place of zen and relaxation is now easier than ever with the exquisite range of bath products and accessories at Spotlight. In our affordable bath range, you can find bathroom storage solutions, accessories, shower curtains, laundry accessories, and loads more. If you need some inspiration for your bathroom transformation while using the Spotlight catalogue, why not check out our information overview below?

Which Bathroom Storage Solutions Are Best For My Bathroom?

The bathroom storage you get for your bathroom will be subject to the space you have available. Evidently, you can use larger bathroom storage solutions if you have lots of extra space in your bathroom. Of course, smaller bathrooms will need something smaller.

When you have less space in your bathroom, you can choose bathroom storage solutions that can be attached on a wall. Instead of taking up floorspace, wall storage solutions allow you to store a lot of your shampoos, makeup, and other products without having to lose space.

Which Laundry Solutions Should Be Considered for the Bathroom?

One of the essentials every bathroom should have is a decent hamper. A good hamper enables you to store your dirty laundry immediately, instead of leaving it all over the bathroom floor. At Spotlight, you can find hampers in all materials, this ranges from the traditional wicker to plastic options.

A place to dry your towels after a shower is another great addition to the bathroom. If you have some extra space in your bathroom, why not check out one of the garment and towel racks in our bathroom laundry range.

Finally, you should also obtain a storage tray, this enables you to move dirty laundry from the bathroom to the washroom. Of course, the storage tray will be used across the house, so be sure it matches the rest of your interior.

Should I Get A New Shower Curtain?

Older shower curtains are less resistant to mould and stains, so it can be a good idea to buy a replacement from time to time. Fortunately, shower curtains are extremely affordable, especially when you are shopping at Spotlight.

At Spotlight, you can find numerous shower curtains in various designs. We provide the traditional white and polyester shower curtains, but also themed options with mosaic, fish, and seaside designs. To get a full overview of all the shower curtains we have available, be sure to head over to the catalogue.

Which Bathroom Accessories Are Great For A Bathroom Transformation?

Keeping your bathroom clean and effective is the key to a full bathroom transformation. Of course, this means you will need some essential accessories to make that happen.

Bathroom bin - A bathroom bin can be used to throw away tissues, dental floss, and other small disposable products you use in the bathroom. At Spotlight, you can find bins in plastic, metal, and other materials.

Soap dispenser - Every sink needs a soap dispenser that is easy to access. Given their popularity, you can find soap dispensers in all kinds of designs and materials. Just have a look at our catalogue to check out the different designs and dispenser models.

Towel rings - The worst that can happen in a bathroom is washing your hands and then discovering there is no towel nearby. Unfortunately, not all bathrooms are equipped with a towel ring or a towel bar, which makes it difficult to always have a towel on hand. Fortunately, you can obtain one of these accessories from the Spotlight catalogue for a sharp price.

Bath mat - Whether you have a bath or a shower inside your bathroom, you always need a bath mat to prevent water from ending up on the bathroom floor. Ideally, you want to obtain at least two bath mats. As you will need to wash your bath mat eventually, it is a good idea to have a spare laying around.

Towels - You cannot have an efficient bathroom without a good selection of towels. While most people already have some towels in their home, there is always some space for the high-quality yet affordable towels available from the Spotlight catalogue. Check them out today to uncover some amazing deals!



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