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What Essentials Do I Need For My Needlework?

When you start with needlework, you usually need some essential tools and supplies to get you started. Of course, if you are new to the craft, you may not be familiar with the things you need. If you want to start with needlework and still need your supplies, be sure to check out some of the essentials you need to obtain below.

What Are The Needlework Essentials I Need To Get Started?

There are number of different supplies you can get for needlework. Of course, there is a difference between essentials and luxuries when it comes to crafts. Below, we have provided an overview of essentials you absolutely need when you start your first project.

A pattern or needlepoint canvas: before you can start your project, you need a design. There are various ways to get that design. You can get a needlepoint canvas that has the design painted on it, but also a pattern you can copy on your chosen fabric.

Needlework thread: it is obvious that you will require some thread to do needlework with. In the beginning, it is advised to choose threads that are easier to work with, this includes options such as embroidery floss.

Needles: the types of needles you use for needlework are quite specific. In most cases, a selection of tapestry needles will be best, as they do not puncture or split the mesh of fabric while stitching.

Embroidery scissors: a pair of embroidery scissors is also essential for needlework, as this type of scissors can cut thread without damaging it. When you obtain a pair of embroidery scissors, please make sure only to use the scissors for cutting thread. Using these scissors on other materials such as paper could cause premature wear and tear to the blades.

Which Embroidery Supplies Will Make Needlework Easier?

Once you have your essentials and have been doing needlework for some time, there are some additional supplies you can obtain to make your needlework a little easier. If you want to build on your existing collection, be sure to check out some of the following supplies and equipment.

Stretch bars: this particular tool can prove useful for surface embroidery and decorative work. It enables you to mount your fabric, this opposed to using an embroidery hoop or other tools.

Household masking tape: some masking tape can prove useful as well. In fact, this could be an essential for beginners as well, as masking tape can prevent threads on the edges of your fabric from unravelling. In addition to household masking tape, you can also use painter's tape.

Staples: you can use some staples to attach your fabric to the stretch bars we mentioned earlier. By doing so, you can get your fabric taut and have an easier time doing your detailing or surface work.

Needlepoint magnets: a needlepoint magnet can make certain tasks a lot more convenient, this because it can keep a hold of needles and other metallic objects on your stretch bar. If you regularly misplace some of your equipment, then a needlepoint magnet may be a useful thing to have.

A ruler: there will be some occasions where you have to measure your work. In these cases, a ruler proves useful. If you like something a little more flexible than a ruler, you can also use a measuring tape.

A carry bag: if you craft regularly, then there are probably some occasions where you want to take your work with you when you are out and about, for example, when you go on holiday or when you head to a hobby class. Therefore, we recommend that you always obtain a suitable carry bag for your needlework.

A lightbox: when you become more proficient at needlework, it is likely that you will be working in a bit more detail. To see your detailed work more clearly, it is essential to have proper lighting, this is why some of the more advanced needlework crafters will purchase a lightbox. You can use a lightbox to trace your patterns, but it can also illuminate the design on your fabric and make it easier to see where the needle is going. So, a lightbox could be a worthy investment.



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