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Introducing The Fashion Craft Kits At Spotlight

Spotlight provides a variety of craft kits for kids. One category that is particularly fun for young girls is the fashion craft kit category. Here, you can find all the supplies your kids need to make bracelets, necklaces, and other fashion accessories they can show off at school. As they are also affordable, let us take a closer look at what our range has to offer.

What Are Beading Kits And Do They Have Benefits?

Beading kits have remained incredibly popular since they were brought on the market. They are not only popular among kids though, as adults continue to enjoy creating beautiful jewellery pieces with beading techniques.

There are a variety of supplies you can find in beading kits. It usually includes a selection of beads, instructions, beading wire, and other basic supplies you would need for the project in question.

Beading can have benefits for a child's development as well. The particular actions required during beading can promote fine motor skins and coordination. Beading can also contribute to your child's math skills, as counting and pattern making are all a part of the beading craft.

What Are Loom Band Kits And Do They Have Benefits?

Another craft that never goes out of style is loom banding. Like beading, loom bands have remained popular with children as well as adults.

Loom bands can have therapeutic and psychologic benefits for children. An article released by Melbourne Child Psychology & School Psychology Services mentioned that loom bands are great for building self-esteem, improving attention and concentration, promoting fine motor skills, the development of perceptual skills and it even contributes to social skills. So, while loom bands may look relatively simple, they could be an integral part of your child's development.

What Are Drawing Kits And Do They Have Any Benefits?

Drawing kits usually consist of basic drawing supplies and a specific project, for which the instructions are included in side the kit. In some cases, you can get beginner kits, which will help your child develop their drawing skills.

It is no surprise that drawing has been around for centuries in many different forms. It has also become an important part of childhood development, as it has shown to contribute to their cognitive development, coordination, and fine motor skills.

Like some of the previous crafts we have mentioned, drawing can have psychological benefits too. One of the main psychological benefits associated with drawing is the expression of emotion. Children can have many different emotions from a young age, so having drawing as an outlet could prove quite advantageous.

What Are Sculpture Kits And Do They Have Any Benefits?

Sculpture kits are made for all ages. The sculpture kits for young children tend to contain mouldable clay such as playdough, while the sculpture kits for adults may contain more professional clay that requires additional treatment.

Clay also provides countless benefits. It helps children with their fine motor skills, but also their spatial awareness. It enables them to create objects from scratch, fuelling their creative thinking and problem-solving ability. In other words, a simple toy such as clay can contribute to children's development in a major way.

What Are Knitting Kits And Do They Have Any Benefits?

Once your child has developed their fine motor skills somewhat, you can switch them to a more intricate craft such as knitting. Of course, knitting is a fun way to make objects such as scarfs and sweaters, but it could even be a technique to make soft toys.

Knitting kits usually contain the basic supplies for a knitting project, this may include knitting needles and yarn. You will also find some instructions that can guide you through the process.

As you may expect, knitting has numerous benefits as well. It promotes concentration, but also helps to develop fine motor and hand-eye coordination further.

More Craft Kits At Spotlight

You may have checked out our range of fashion craft kits, but did you have the opportunity to check out our other crafting kits. Our range of craft kits is not limited to fashion crafts, so be sure to check out the other categories for a better overview of all the options available to you.



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