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Active kids require the right activity kits to engage them and bring out the best of their abilities.

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Must-have kids activity kits for your home

Bright and inventive activity kits will have your kids traveling to the moon and back, or even back in time, conjuring mystical lands and/or characters and building jet fighter planes, to name just a few activities to explore.

Specifically, modelling project kits inspired by characters from the Star Wars, Play Doh and Australian Geographic universe (and many others) are perfect for the budding engineer or tradesperson in your family. Purpose-created for stimulating problem-solving, planning and logic skills, these kits provide children with hours of joy while providing out-of-school learning adventures that are robust and durable enough to last until they outlive their welcome.

Little scientists get to learn the secrets of blowing mega bubbles and 3D bubble shapes - even a bubble snake! - with a Galt Bubble Lab. This activity kit includes a full-colour lab booklet with seven fun experiments and all the tools-of-the-bubble-trade: bubble solution, bubble wand, glycerine, funnel, 12 connectors, reusable straws, wooden sticks, balloons, rubber bands and so on. Hubble bubble!

Keep stoking the fires of their scientific curiosity with kids activity kits from National Geographic. From dinosaur digs and shark tooth kits to revisiting the bombard, ballista and catapult inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci, these high-quality kits are sure to help develop analytical and enquiring minds.

Other kits for kids

Similar to how activity kits for kids are designed to combine fun with purpose, there are also kids art sets and kids fashion and bead-making kits that may be even more compatible with your child's interests.

Kids art sets can range from simple sticker books with cartoon characters for the little ones to complete art kits that are more complex and, therefore, appropriate for older kids and teens. Don't forget to add the smaller items - sets of special pens, chalk and pencil, even stickers - to some coloured paper or sketchbooks so they have all the artistic tools they'll need.

Kids fashion and bead-making kits cater for the young fashionistas with an eye for design. Your child may want to make their own jewellery, design clothes or create gorgeous nail art? Whatever inspires them, you're sure to find the perfect kit to bring out their inner Yves Saint Laurent or Jean Paul Gaultier.

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Alternatively, head into a Spotlight store and speak with one of our friendly customer service team who'll be happy to answer your questions.



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