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Felt is fabulously fun and this durable, versatile craft medium is a delight to work with. Whether you are creating toys, clothing, soft furnishings, embellishments, or anything else, our selection of pre-cut felts could be the perfect choice for your crafty creation. There is a wide range of colours, designs and patterns available, and we are confident that you will find the right felt for you in this selection. Shop our pre-cut felts range now for fabulous felts at amazingly affordable prices.

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Learn How To Sew With Felt

Our felt fabrics are a popular choice amongst crafters, and it is not difficult to see why when you view our range of felt fabrics. Still, if you have never used felt before in sewing, you may feel a little apprehensive of trying to sew with this material. To help you feel more confident in the felt sewing process, we have created an overview with helpful tips below.

Which Sewing Thread Types Are Recommended For Felt Fabrics?

There are various types of thread you can use for felt, but some thread types are stronger and more durable than others. One of the most popular types of thread is polyester, known for its extraordinary strength and reinforcement abilities.

Cotton thread is also an option when you work with felt. However, cotton is more susceptible to environmental factors and is therefore not as reliable long-term.

One of the additional benefits of using polyester thread over cotton is the amazing range of colours. Due to the fact polyester threads are more affordable and a manmade material, manufacturers provide these threads in an immense range of colours. So, if you like to work with bolder and more unusual colours in your sewing projects, polyester thread will be the way to go.

We must mention that embroidery thread can be used on felt as well. However, we do not recommend embroidery thread for structural sewing. Instead, you should use embroidery thread for detailing you want to apply to your design.

Like other types of thread, embroidery thread is available in various colours and with a variable number of strands. If you decide to use some embroidery on felt, it is, therefore, a good idea to examine some of the details of your thread before you obtain it.

Can I Use My Sewing Machine On Felt?

Most people believe that sewing by hand is the way to go with felt. While you can certainly sew by hand, there is no reason why you cannot use a sewing machine for your felt projects.

Please note that the size of your project can determine whether or not you use a sewing machine. Some of the smaller projects may not benefit from a sewing machine. In fact, it could cost you more time than if you were to sew by hand. So, if you use felt, only use your sewing machine for the larger projects.

Naturally, some sewing machines are more suitable to work with felt than others. If you are unsure if your machine can handle felt, it is recommended to use a small swatch of felt as a test beforehand.

When you decide to use your sewing machine, there are various machine needles that will be suitable for felt. When unsure, you can use the basic universal needle, as this tends to work well on felt in most situations.

How Do I Trace A Design On Felt?

Marking a design on felt to cut out later might feel a little daunting, but there are many ways to do it. One of the best things to transfer your design with is a water-soluble transfer pen, these kinds of pens are often used in embroidery but are also suitable for felt materials.

Naturally, there are other markers available that allow you to transfer a design and remove the remaining mark lines quite easily. In addition to water-soluble markers, you could also use a basic fabric marker or a chalk pen.

Are There Different Types Of Felt I Could Encounter?

The more experienced crafters among you probably know that felt can be made from a variety of fabric fibres, this also means that the properties of fabric fibres can be somewhat different too.

One of the most affordable types of felt is so-called acrylic craft felt. You can also obtain felt made from a natural fabric fibre such as wool, these are available in pure wool as well as wool blends. Naturally, pure wool felt tends to be the most expensive.

Do you have a question about any of our felt fabrics? Or could you use some advice on acquiring a specific type of felt for a project? Feel free to contact Spotlight for some assistance.



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