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How To Make Unusual Shapes From Decofoam?

Decofoam has numerous applications in crafting, including the creation of centrepieces and models. At Spotlight, you can find Decofoam in regular shapes, but also unusual shapes, ensuring you can easily create your project with minimal interference. Still, if you cannot find the shape you need and you have to purchase standard Decofoam from our range, here are some of the top tips provided to you by Spotlight.

What Type Of Foam Is Best For Unusual Shapes?

Overall, you will encounter two types of foam that you can use to make unusual shapes, this includes expanded polystyrene and extruded polystyrene. Decofoam falls under the classification of expanded polystyrene and is the preferred option for model building and other applications. However, you will need additional tools to alter the shape of expanded polystyrene.

Extruded polystyrene is much easier to shape, but it is less rigid compared to Decofoam. As a result, it does not hold its shape that well long-term. While it is brilliant for temporary projects, expanded polystyrene is better in most cases.

What Tools Do I Need To Shape And Cut Decofoam?

There are a number of tools you will need to shape and cut Decofoam. Some are easier to work with others, and you must adjust tools according to the type of foam you are working with. So, without further ado, these are the basic tools you require for foam manipulation.

Crafting knife: Extruded polystyrene cuts remarkably well with a sharp knife, so you can use a basic craft knife to cut and shape this kind of foam. For additional precision, make sure you mark the areas you want to cut to avoid uneven results.

Hot wire cutter: When you need to cut a lot of polystyrene - maybe for a massive model-building project or theatre backdrop project - you want to obtain some tools that can make the job faster and easier. If you need to cut a lot of foam, it is worth looking into a hot wire cutter.

The hot wire cutter is a special tool that uses small bursts of electricity along a wire to cut through foam easily and without any effort. In fact, this kind of cutter can be more beneficial for polystyrene compared to any other cutting tools, as it provides a clean and even cut.

When you cut polystyrene with a regular craft knife, you have to be really careful not to get an uneven result. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about that with expanded polystyrene.

What Glue Is Best For Decofoam?

Sometimes, you need to glue different parts of Decofoam together to get the shape you are after. Obviously, you want to make sure that the glue you use provides strong and long-term results, so which glue is best for Decofoam?

Avoid solvents: When you need to glue Decofoam, it is always best to use a glue that does not contain a solvent. The problem with solvent is that it can damage the foam material, causing unsightly dents and crevices. Some glues also need contact with air to bond, so if you are gluing two pieces of foam together, you need to make sure you get a glue that does not require air contact.

Recommended glue for Decofoam: One of the recommended glues for Decofoam is Gorilla glue. It is a popular glue worldwide, so you can get Gorilla glue for quite the affordable price. In addition to that, it bonds Decofoam well, so you do not have to worry about your construction falling apart.

One thing to think about when you use Gorilla glue is that it expands while it dries. So, even if you are careful to avoid the edges of the material, some of the Gorilla glue could come through the sides of your bonded foam. So, make sure you have the correct tools to clean up those edges with little effort. You can easily find these tools at Spotlight as well.

Discover The Amazing Range Of Decofoam

With an extensive range of Decofoam to choose from, you will find what you need for your project in minimal time at Spotlight. The catalogue contains Decofoam in various shapes too, so you can build your model with minimum effort.



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