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How To Draw With Crayons Like A Pro

Crayons may have been some fun colouring tools for you as a kid, but many adult artists are also using crayons to draw with. Naturally, drawing with crayons is not the same as drawing with a pencil or painting with a paintbrush. To help you get started and get the best results from drawing with crayons, be sure to read through the information below.

What Are The Recommended Crayons To Create Fine Art?

Certain crayons are better than others when you want to create some fine art. In theory, you could use most crayons available in stores. However, if you want something easier to work with, many artists recommend Crayola crayons.

Crayola crayons are known for their superior quality and excellent colour saturation. That being said, they can be more expensive than other crayons. Therefore, beginners can experiment with other crayons to begin with.

How Can I Create Different Colour Effects With Crayons?

When you use crayons, you can use different techniques to get a fluctuation in colour. You can also use these techniques to obtain a variable colour strength and boldness, whichever fits your creative masterpiece best.

To add more life to a sketch or a drawing you have made in crayons, you should always apply the main colour in a light layer first. Once you have applied the lighter layer of colour, start using darker colours for detailing, this will provide an extra dimension to your work.

If you are more interested in creating texture on a drawing, use a combination of light and rough crayon strokes. Apply the light strokes first and follow up with the darker strokes to apply the texture in strategic locations on your sketches.

Those who do not like some of the roughness of crayons can still acquire a smoother effect when working with different colours. To obtain the smoother look, you will have to apply some pressure on your crayons, this will originally deliver a rougher appearance. However, you can easily remove excess crayon with a small piece of paper to obtain that smoother result.

When Should I Use Water-Soluble Crayons In My Artwork?

As we briefly mentioned before, there are various types of crayons you could use for your artwork. One of the specialist types of crayons is the water-soluble crayon. When you draw with water-soluble crayons for the first time, you may not notice anything different from standard crayons. However, once you use these crayons in combination with water, you can create some unique and marvellous effects.

Please note that if you are keeping water-soluble crayons wet, you should make sure the tip remains clean after you have used them. It is easy for water-soluble crayons to become dirty or contaminated, so always wipe with a cloth before you put them away.

Is The Quality Of Paper More Important When Drawing With Crayons?

The quality of your drawing paper certainly becomes more important when you draw with crayons, especially when you consider that crayons have an influence on drawing paper as soon as they are used. Ideally, you want to find paper that distributes colour evenly, opposed to paper that does not allow good crayon transfer.

Do I Need Any Special Accessories When Drawing With Crayons?

Accessories you require for crayon drawing are usually small accessories and they are usually already in the personal collection of artists. One of the things you will undoubtedly require for crayon drawings is a good pencil sharpener, this enables you to keep the tip of your crayons sharp for the more detailed work.

In addition to a pencil sharpener, you should also have some small pieces of paper or a kneaded eraser to create different effects. Naturally, the accessories you use for crayon drawings are subject to your own personal style and technique.

Does Spotlight Provide Crayons And Accompanying Accessories For My Artwork?

Spotlight provides a large range of crayons and pastels for all artists. We also have a selection of accessories for artists, this ranges from pencil sharpeners to art paper, and much more. If you still require supplies for your next crayon drawing, be sure to take a closer look at our online catalogue and benefit from our sharp prices.



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