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From storage boxes to containers and convenient trolleys, there is no limit to the craft storage options at Spotlight! Shop online or in-store today.

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What Kinds Of Craft Storage & Accessories Can I Find At Spotlight?

No matter your craft of choice, storing your tools and supplies properly is key to keeping them in good condition and finding them easily. At Spotlight we have an excellent range of storage and craft organisers you can use for your materials, including:

  • Travel bags - craft on the go with any of our fabric travel bags. They're perfect for storing knitting and crochet supplies, with plenty of pockets and tabs to keep all your materials in place for when you need them.
  • Craft drawers - our plastic craft drawers are light, strong and perfect for keeping all your materials separate. Beautifully coloured, our craft drawers for storage come in opaque and transparent varieties to suit your needs.
  • Rolling organisers - if you move around the room a lot as you work, keep your materials on hand with any of our rolling organisers! These handy craft drawers on wheels are easy to move around and come with wheel locks to keep them in place if needed.
  • Divided boxes - for all your smaller tools and materials, we have a fantastic array of sectioned boxes and carry cases for you to choose from. For everything from sewing supplies to flower seeds, keep your materials clean, dry and safe with our divided storage boxes!
  • Tubes - for pourable accessories like glitter and sequins you have to have a set of storage tubes! Easy to fill and pour, our craft storage tubes come in handy packs of four to ensure you have enough for all your materials.
  • Jewellery stands - whether you are working on a piece or want to display it, our beautiful jewellery stands will get the job done. We have plastic and metal racks with room for multiple pieces, as well as stunning fabric stands perfect for showing off a necklace or two.
  • Capped jars - for small materials like beads, clamps, hooks and other jewellery-making supplies, small capped jars are your new best friend. Sturdy but transparent, you can find what you need in these craft organisers in a flash!

What Other Art And Craft Storage Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have lots of other kinds of art and craft storage you can utilise at home or in the studio.

  • Art storage - keep your paints, brushes and paper sheets clean and tidy in any of our art storage boxes.
  • Trolleys and carts - for storage that is clever, sturdy and mobile, look no further than our great range of reliable trolleys and carts.
  • Office storage - do your best work in a tidy office space with the help of our office storage supplies.

Find The Right Craft Storage For Your Passion At Spotlight

No matter your craft storage needs, find the right craft storage boxes, drawers and containers right here at Spotlight. Browse the entire range of craft storage online, where you can choose from a variety of payment options, as well as enjoying the convenience of home delivery for your order. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store, where our friendly team will help you find the right craft organisers for your needs. Need some things to make with your now perfectly-organised craft supplies? Check out our amazing craft projects page, as well as our inspiring Create blog online.



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