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Add the perfect finishing touch to your craft with our delightful collection of animal embellishments at Spotlight. Create an idyllic fairy garden or add fluttery butterflies to your shoes, hats, home decor projects, or scrapbooks. Our animal embellishments would be perfect for adding a touch of magic to your floral arrangements or crafty creation, and there is a wide choice of animals, styles and themes to choose from. Choose animal embellishments from Spotlight for enchanting embellishments at our fabulously low prices.

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How To Use Animal Figurines In Crafting?

At Spotlight, customers can find a range of figurines that can be used in crafting projects. Among our range of figurines, customers can find some animal figurines, which are quite popular for a variety of crafting projects. If you wish to discover some projects where you could use some animal figurines, be sure to read our information below.

What Is The First Project I Can Use Animal Figurines For?

Animal figurines are popular embellishments to use on children's bedroom furniture, mainly because they make any piece of furniture look a lot more fun and whimsical. As a starter project, you could use some of our animal figures as drawer handles.

Our range contains animal figurines in various materials you could use as a drawer handle. Depending on the type of material, you could use glue to add the animal figurine to the drawer. Alternatively, you can also put your woodworking skills to the test if the animal figurine is made from wood.

You could use the animal figurines as they are, but you can also give them a little extra shine with a bit of gold spray paint. You can also use other gold or silver paints to make the figurines look more like a handle.

What Is The Second Project I Can Use Animal Figurines For?

Are you looking for some storage cannisters that can be used for storage inside a child's bedroom or playroom? Cannot find anything that matches the theme of the room and could you benefit from a themed cannister or jar? If so, you could use our range of animal figurines to create something fantastic!

First, look for some canisters and jars that are large enough to store the items you want to store in the child's bedroom or playroom. Then, select your favourite animal figurines from our catalogue and some strong crafter's glue. When the animal figurine and the canister are quite different in look, you may want to obtain some paint as well to make the theme come together.

Grab the jar or the canister and paint it in the preferred colour, this could be the lid of a jar or the entire canister. Once the paint has been applied, take the animal figurine you have obtained from Spotlight and paint it in the same colour. If you prefer the colour of the figurine, you can also leave it without painting. Then, grab the glue and fasten the figurine on top of the canister or the jar, this provides a lovely decoration, but could also function as a handle.

What Is The Third Project I Can Use Animal Figurines For?

Do you want to hang a mirror in your child's bedroom, but cannot find anything to match an animal theme? If so, you can also use our animal figurines to create a themed mirror.

There are a few things you will need before you can make a customised mirror with animal figurines. When you choose a basic mirror to plan a theme around, always make sure that the mirror in question has a considerably-sized frame around it, this will make sure you have enough space to glue the figurines around it.

Crafters will also need a good selection of animal figurines, these figurines will be glued across the bottom of the mirror. You can also glue some figurines on the side, which will make it appear like the animals are running over the mirror.

When you make a mirror with some animal figurines, you can use some paint to give the mirror and the figurines one solid colour, this could prove beneficial for children's bedrooms that have a colour theme. Nevertheless, you can make the mirror multicoloured too if you wish to do so.

Which Animal Figurines Can I Obtain From Spotlight?

Spotlight has a tremendous range of animal figurines. In our extensive collection, you can find anything from turtles and butterflies to frogs, bears, and bunnies. Of course, we provide other whimsical figurines such as fairies too. To get a full overview of all the figurines we provide, please refer to the Spotlight catalogue and enjoy the amazing deals we offer on all our crafting figurines.



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