Skirts & Pants Patterns

Skirts & Pants Patterns

Customers who enjoy making their own clothes will love our selection of clothing patterns.

In our clothing patterns catalogue, you will also find various skirt and pant patterns to suit all shapes, sizes and tastes.

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  • Burda 9615 Kid's Leggings

    Burda 9615 Kid's Leggings

    Leggings in three lengths. Sporty with a short, casually with a blouse, or fashionably with a dress. These super comfortable pants with elastic band without side seam are a must-have for any wardrobe....

    Reg: RM39.99

  • Butterick B6137 Misses' Pants

    Butterick B6137 Misses' Pants

    Semi-fitted pants have elasticized waistband, and pocket and hemline variations. A and B: leg bands. C: shaped hemline, wrong side shows. D: narrow hem.

    Reg: RM44.99

  • Kwik Sew K4072 Misses' Camisole Chemise & Pants

    Kwik Sew K4072 Misses' Camisole Chemise & Pants

    Camisole A and Chemise B have cups with gathers under bust, elastic shoulder straps. Camisole is finished with lace around neckline and bottom edge. Chemise has racer back, side hemline slits and finished with narrow hem. Pants C are full length, pull-on with straight legs and elastic waist. FABRICS...

    Reg: RM34.99

  • Kwik Sew K4115 Womens' Dress Belt

    Kwik Sew K4115 Womens' Dress Belt

    Dress and Tunic have bust darts, extended shoulders and back neck slit opening with button and thread loop closure. Dress A has self fabric tie belt. Tunic B has flared, shaped hemline. Pants C has elastic in casing at waist and pockets in side seam.

    Reg: RM39.99

  • Burda 7467 Middle Age Guard Costume

    Burda 7467 Middle Age Guard Costume

    Jacket and pants with quilted slits on sleeves and pant legs, string lacing at the cuffs. Add to this a flat brim hat and feather....

    Reg: RM39.99

  • Burda 6897 Women's Shorts

    Burda 6897 Women's Shorts

    A fresh breeze is blowing in your wardrobe: Bermuda shorts and shorts, absolutely suited for business, both with side pockets and turn-ups which add a sporty touch. Knee-length Bermuda shorts B with crease....

    Reg: RM39.99

  • Burda 6898 Women's Pant Suit

    Burda 6898 Women's Pant Suit

    Trouser suits with either feminine shawl collar or rectangular lapels. Unsophisticated variant or chic variant in frock length and with satin facing. Nicely fitted pants with side pockets and crease....

    Reg: RM39.99

  • Burda 6928 Women's Skirt

    Burda 6928 Women's Skirt

    Breathtakingly short and cheeky or a little longer and flared. The yoke ensures a perfect and comfortable fit. Piped seams underline the different looks and shapes. Almost invisible seam zippers in the side seams....

    Reg: RM39.99

  • Burda 6903 Women's Skirt

    Burda 6903 Women's Skirt

    Gored skirts with softly flowing hems for midsummer days, coming into their own with delicate fabrics and floral prints. And also very easy to sew, that is really great....

    Reg: RM39.99

  • Burda 6904 Women's Skirt

    Burda 6904 Women's Skirt

    Skirts which swing are perfect for easy-going summer days. Either composed of different fabrics or plain or patterned or double-layered - the hip yoke with rear zipper ensures a perfect fit of all variants....

    Reg: RM39.99

  • Burda 6905 Women's Skirt

    Burda 6905 Women's Skirt

    Sporty pant skirt with hip yoke pockets. Only when the box pleats spread, you do realize that this is a proper pant skirt....

    Reg: RM39.99

  • Burda 6926 Women's Pants

    Burda 6926 Women's Pants

    Hip and trendy, super-clinging denim look jeggings from absolutely non-constricting fabrics. The ornamental stitching completes the look. Fake slant pockets and fake closure. An Comfortable, elasticated waistband....

    Reg: RM39.99

  • Burda 6933 Men's Pants

    Burda 6933 Men's Pants

    Trendy, fitted, slightly hipster men's trousers. Either the business variant A with crease from lightweight wool. Or sporty Chinos, the popular variant B, without crease and from cotton fabrics....

    Reg: RM39.99

  • Burda 6937 Women's Skirt

    Burda 6937 Women's Skirt

    Three particularly straightforward designs, sewn today and worn tomorrow: the narrow silhouette with one-sided fold or the flared variant with softly flowing hem. Three cute companions for summer tops and shirts....

    Reg: RM39.99

  • Burda 6938 Women's Pants

    Burda 6938 Women's Pants

    Casual pull-on pants from lightweight summer fabrics, with trendy prints. Ideal companions in midsummer. And combined with a blazer, variant A is even suitable for the office....

    Reg: RM39.99

  • Burda 6951 Women's Plus Size Pants

    Burda 6951 Women's Plus Size Pants

    Slender pants, authentic jeans optics favourite basics and ideal companions. Rear yoke and shaped waistband ensure a perfect fit. Be daring and experience solid colours, floral prints or graphic designs....

    Reg: RM39.99

  • Burda 6952 Women's Plus Size Pants

    Burda 6952 Women's Plus Size Pants

    Slender basics to be matched at will and always smart and dressy - perfect fit guaranteed. Variant A with shaped waistband and zipper. Variant B with elasticated waistband for perfect wearing ease and fake zipper....

    Reg: RM39.99

  • Burda 6955 Women's Petite Skirt

    Burda 6955 Women's Petite Skirt

    Young, ladylike skirts which gently wrap around the knee - narrowly cut, without waistband. Classic pencil skirt A with walking slit. B with peplum. C with overskirt from lace fabric. D with striking hem flounce....

    Reg: RM39.99

  • Burda 6965 Women's Vintage Skirt

    Burda 6965 Women's Vintage Skirt

    Two skirts in the look of the 70s. Mix of fabrics and prints, maxi look and softly flowing hems, with all their periods features of the flower-power-era - now back in vogue....

    Reg: RM39.99

  • Burda 9442 Girl's Skirt

    Burda 9442 Girl's Skirt

    Gypsy skirts are celebrating their comeback. All variants with yoke and elasticated waistband for perfect wearing ease. Overskirt B from tulle. Skirt C with yoke from contrast fabric and the big bow....

    Reg: RM39.99

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