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Can I purchase utility and general-purpose fabrics at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. This category of fabrics includes a number of useful fabrics that can be used for many applications, including muslins, gauze, vinyl and calico, as well as nappy polyester. Available by the metre, you can buy as much or as little as you need for your project, and you will have a wide choice of designs and colours to choose from too.

What can muslin, gauze and calico fabrics be used for?

Muslin, gauze and calico fabrics are all related but different. It is important to know that in some parts of the world, like the US and Canada, these terms may actually refer to different types of material, so if you are purchasing items from abroad keep that in mind. Here, these are the fabrics as we understand them:

Calico - a simple, cheap equal weft and warp plain weave fabric in white, cream or unbleached cotton with or without embellishments.

Muslin - a very fine, light plain weave cotton fabric. Sometimes called muslin gauze, it can be plain or have a variety of designs.

Gauze - Extremely soft and fine cotton fabric with a very open plain weave. A term used almost interchangeably with cheesecloth.

These fabrics have various applications. Muslin and gauze are often used in kitchens, for straining liquids and jellies or covering food to keep insects at bay. They are also used for making soft wraps for babies, and even sometimes as drapes around the home. Some of the delightful designs lend themselves to use in kids bedrooms too. Calico is a slightly thicker fabric that can be used for sewing pillowcases, bags, used as backing for quilts, and is often used in craft projects. Some calicos have stunning designs, making them ideal for statement pieces around the home, including wall hangings and other interior projects.

What else is included in this fabric range at Spotlight?

Vinyl fabrics have a number of useful applications around the home, such as tablecloths for inside and out, covering seat pads or cushions, making bags, aprons and many more items that can be wiped clean easily. There is also a nappy fabric included in the range, with lovely designs, ideal for making nappy covers for babies and toddlers.

Does Spotlight sell other types of fabric too?

Yes, here at Spotlight you can find fabrics for a variety of uses including dressmaking and tailoring, interior projects such as upholstery, drapes and blinds, fabrics suitable for bedding and towels, and a variety of specialty fabrics including faux furs and leathers, tulles, nets and more. Clothing, crafts, and home projects are all covered with our extensive selection of fabrics by the metre, so check out the whole range today to be inspired for your next sewing project!



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