Clothing Embellishments

Add interest to garments or hide unfortunate stains or tears with some beautiful clothing embellishments from Spotlight. Suitable not only for clothing, but also for interior design projects such as cushions or bed linen, or craft objects like hats and bags, these clothing embellishments range from simple flowers to intricate appliques and elegant ruffles. Choose between sew-on embellishments and easy iron- embellishments in a range of styles and designs, or brighten up a hat, bag or even some slippers with colourful crochet flowers for a unique and individual touch.

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Can I purchase clothing embellishments from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we have a wide collection of clothing embellishments, including flowers, patches, motifs, fringe and chiffon. Ideal for anyone who loves to upcycle clothes and add their own unique twist to those tired, old-fashioned garments. Whether you want to funk up a jacket, add a splash of colour to a dull handbag, or perhaps hide unfortunate tears or stains, you are sure to find what you are looking for in our assortment of clothing embellishments, available now at Spotlight's guaranteed bargain prices.

How do I purchase clothing embellishments from Spotlight?

To purchase our clothing embellishments, shop online and follow the instructions right through to check out. We accept all major payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard and PayPal and we will deliver right to your door. See here for more information regarding delivery costs and times.

How could use some of these items in my own craft?

There are so many things that you can do with our fabulous range of clothing embellishments here at Spotlight. The only limit is your imagination! Perhaps, you are looking to add a feminine dash of personality to a denim jacket with our range of Flower Appliques, or you just want to give your cushions a new lease of life with our Chiffon Ruffles or Suede Fringe. Whatever you are planning on reinventing or upcycling, our selection of clothing embellishments is a great place to look.

How do I attach these to my items?

That depends on which of our beautiful clothing embellishments you have chosen, however, check out our guide below for a basic overview. Always check the instructions that come with your product carefully and follow manufacturer's recommendations.

For iron-on products, such as our fabulously floral applique iron-on motifs, use heat to seal the applique and permanently attach it to the fabric. Make sure that any steam on your iron is turned off, before setting it a hot temperature. Place your applique into the desired position, ensuring that it is straight and double checking the location before placing a cotton pressing cloth over the top. Items such as a handkerchief or pillowcase should suffice. Then place the iron directly onto the applique, do not move the iron back and forth, and hold it for around 35 seconds. Then turn the garment inside out, repeating the steps above. Finally, allow your applique to fully cool down before touching it.

Attaching a Crochet Flower Motif may depend on the project itself, however, if you are attaching it to a material item, you can use either wool or thread. If you are using wool, use a large tapestry needle. Sew the item into your chosen location, using neat, even sewing stitches and you can use the stitches in the flowers themselves as a guide. If you are looking to attach one of our crochet flowers to a home decor item, you could also use hot glue or fabric glue to affix one of these colourful creations to your project.

Braid and Fringe: Some of our products, such as the Chiffon Ruffles and Suede Fringe, would look great attached to the edges of a jacket or dress, or even on home decor items, such as cushions and blankets. Just match up the edges and sew, it is considered that just a simple line of top-stitching gives the best results. However, this does depend on your project, and either hot glue or staples may suffice.

Is there anything else I need to remember?

Some of these products are sold by the metre so that you can order exactly how much you need for your desired project. We endeavour to always cut our orders in one piece, however, due to the size of the rolls provided by manufacturers, this cannot always be guaranteed. As a result, if you do make an order that is over 5m, it is not likely to be in one continuous piece. We would also like to remind you that, if you are purchasing some of our products online, please remember that the reproduction of colours may differ due to monitor calibration. We try to match our colours and patterns as close to the image shown on your screen as possible, but we cannot always guarantee a 100% match.



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