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Quickly cut a variety of shapes on fabric layers using our fabric and quilting cutting tools! Explore our great range at Spotlight online or in-store.

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Do Spotlight sell quilting accessories?

Yes, at Spotlight you will find all the extra bits and pieces you need to get underway with your first quilting project at the lowest prices guaranteed. Whether you are making a patchwork quilt, or a quilted item such as a cushion cover, a wall hanging or a garment, you will need the same tools regardless.

Becoming familiar with the terminology and equipment needed for quilting can be a little confusing at first, but if you elect to begin your new hobby by buying a quilting starter kit such as the Birch Start to Quilt Kit, you will be ready to go with basic necessities such as a cutting mat and cutting tools and ruler. If you prefer to equip yourself with various tools gradually however, you will find a range of items available at Spotlight to make the job simpler. Peruse your local store or online for quilting bundles, hoops and hangers, cutting dies, quilting machines, special quilting needles and quilting cutting tools from all the top brands.

Which quilting cutting tools can I find at Spotlight?

The most popular brands of cutting tools can be found at Spotlight, both in store and online, such as Fiskars, Birch, Olfa, Semco, Sew Easy and Sizzix. These specialised quilting cutting tools allow you to effectively cut several layers of fabric, in squares or triangles or whatever shape you need in the most accurate, safest and quickest way.

Try the popularFiskars Easy Blade Change Rotary Cutter or the ergonomicOLFA Deluxe Rotary Cutter to see which is most comfortable in your grip. Of course the Fiskars Titanium Rotary Cutter, the Sew Easy Rotary Cutter Soft Touch or the Birch Rotary Cutter may also be just what you need. At Spotlight you are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the right products for your unique quilting projects.

It is important to keep your quilting cutting tools as sharp as possible to ensure clean cuts to your fabric edges, so Spotlight also stock replacement blades for all their quilting cutting tools. To ensure all your fabric squares or shapes are cut to the same size, angle and with straight edges, a quilting ruler is another must have. These are usually included in quilting kits, or you can purchase a Birch, Sew Easy or Fiskars quilting ruler separately from Spotlight.

When cutting fabric it is essential that you use a quilting mat to protect your underneath surfaces and remember - never leave sharp tools where children can reach them. As a general rule a larger cutting mat is a better investment than a small one. Spotlight also have a range of quilting mats in stock.

What else do I need to start quilting?

Wander into Spotlight or browse online to have fun discovering all the wonderful items you can buy to build up your quilting supplies.

Look through our quilting books filled with stunning patterns and ideas to get you started, and then lose yourself if our huge range of delightful fabrics. Of course it's much easier to buy your quilting fabric in bundles of fat flats, jelly rolls and charm packs. Pick up some quilting needles, pins and thread and you're on your way to making your first stunning quilt!



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