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What are quilting bundles?

The creative pursuit of quilting is full of unusual terminology which can be confusing for the beginner quilter. When quilters refer to 'quilting bundles' they mean bundles of pre-cut fabric pieces such as fat flats (also known as fat quarters), or charm packs.

The term fat flat or fat quarter originates from the size of the pre-cut squares of fabric used to create a quilt. Generally speaking a fat quarter refers to a quarter of a yard of fabric but in Australia our metric system refers to a fat quarter as a fat flat which measures between 50 x 54 centimetres.

A charm pack is a cost-effective way to buy a bundle of pre-cut fabrics consisting of 42 individual pieces each measuring 5 inches (12 centimetres) square. Charm packs usually have some commonality either in design, motif or colour scheme, as do quilting bundles.

Buying your quilting fabrics in bundles is an affordable way to purchase the large variety of fabric colours and designs required to make patchwork quilts and garments. It is also a time-efficient way to create your patchwork item, as there is minimal cutting required.

What quilting bundles will I find at Spotlight?

At Spotlight we have a huge range of quilting bundles. Build your foundation stock from a selection of plain bundles of one colour, such as the pretty Naturals 6 Bundles Flat Fats available in three subtle shades of White, Tea Dyed or Natural. These are perfect bundles to blend with many other motifs or colours.

The fat flats within the bundles are usually complementary in either colour tones or design/motif - or both. As you build your supply of bundles you can easily mix and match to create beautiful quilted items artfully put together from your stock.

The Marbella Flat Fats Multicoloured is a bundle of differing designs in complementary colours. Mix and match these with other quilting bundles of a similar colour palette for a stunning quilt or garment.

Spotlight have many more fat flats bundles in gorgeous colours and motifs like florals, cute animals, safari animals and an assortment of varied colours on plain fabrics.

Quilting bundles are usually made from 100% cotton. Because cotton can shrink, it is recommended that your quilting bundles are hand washed in cold water before use, so as to avoid shrinkage and colour runs in your finished garments or quilts.

Do I need a special sewing machine for quilting?

Depending on the size of your quilts or garments it is possible to sew them on a normal sewing machine, but if you are making large or heavy items or sewing quilted items frequently, we suggest investing in a quilting machine as this will make the job so much easier.

Spotlight'sSinger 7469Q Confidence Quilter Machine is equipped to make sewing your quilts effortless, regardless of their size and thickness. The difference between a normal sewing machine and a quilting machine is in the adaptable feet, the programmable stitch patterns and the larger work area which is important when sewing big items.

With the lowest price guaranteed, Spotlight is the place to shop for all your quilting requirements.



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