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If you like creating your own clothing or outfits for others in your family, you will be delighted with the vast range of womens clothing patterns here at Spotlight! Including practical everyday wear and special occasion outfits, leisure wear and sleepwear, lingerie and even costumes, you can find costumes here for every event and occasion. The range also includes maternity wear, as well as petite and plus-size clothing patterns. Check individual patterns for size ranges and variations in length and style, and remember to browse our enormous collection of fabrics here at Spotlight for your next sewing project.

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What are sewing patterns?

Sewing patterns are printed templates that are used to trace where fabric should be cut to make the different parts of a sewing project. Using a pre-made pattern takes out the guesswork and minimises mistakes that wastes not only your time but also the cost of the fabric that you're working with. Pre-made sewing patterns also come with detailed instructions on how to assemble and sew a piece of clothing.

How do you choose a sewing pattern?

When choosing a sewing pattern, you want to consider a few things aside from simply finding a style that tickles your fancy. Many sewing patterns will indicate the difficulty level of the project. If you're new to sewing, it's best to pick a sewing pattern marked as easy.

Most sewing patterns come in different sizes but some are also designed as one size fits all, so make sure you pick one that's going to fit you or the person you are making the clothes for.

When you buy a sewing pattern, you'll usually get patterns and instructions for different variations of the same type of clothing. You can base your decision based on the sample photos, but keep in mind that you can always choose different fabrics and colours to suit your tastes.

What important details can I find in a sewing pattern?

All sewing patterns will indicate what type of fabric, thread and notions should be used. It also has rough estimates on how much fabric you will need, so you can plan ahead before going out and buying supplies.

What sewing patterns can I find at Spotlight?

Spotlight offers a huge selection of sewing patterns for different types of clothes and accessories for adults, kids, babies, and even pets and dolls. Aside from sewing patterns for clothes, Spotlight also has patterns for different types of home decor such as quilts, blankets, window treatments, table cloths, oven mitts, aprons and holiday decorations, among many others.

In our Women's Sewing Pattern range, you'll find a huge variety of clothes for adults, young ladies and little girls. Check out our selection of dresses, tops, skirts, pants, jackets, coats, vests, maternity dresses, swimwear, sleepwear and lingerie. We also have sewing patterns for formal evening and bridal wear for women, and costumes that are ideal for a variety of special occasions. We also have sewing patterns for women's accessories like hats, mittens, scarves and slippers.

We have sewing patterns from well-known brands like Burda, Butterick, Kwik Sew, McCalls, New Look, Simplicity and Vogue.

Where can I find fabrics and sewing supplies to use with my sewing patterns?

No matter what sewing pattern you pick, Spotlight will have all the materials and equipment you'll need to make it a reality. With our huge selection of fabrics you can make anything from clothes, home decor to different crafts projects.

Check out our selection of woven apparel fabrics which range from wool, linen, gingham, voile, flannel, lawn, denim, corduroy, broadcloth, drill, poplin to rayon. If you're looking for knitted fabrics, Spotlight offers a wide variety of cotton jersey, fleece, jacquard, and spandex and lycra options, among many others. For your home decorating projects, we offer upholstery, curtain, quilting, lace and bunting fabrics.

Spotlight is also your one-stop shop for sewing equipment and supplies such as sewing machines, thread, needles, scissors, fasteners, notions and trim.



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