Craft Patterns

Craft Patterns

If you love to knit and create something special then our range of craft patterns below will inspire you!

We have patterns including knitted fruit and vegetables, knitted animals and scarfs.

No matter what your preference, our craft patterns always provide you with something fun and unique!

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  • Burda 9637 Kid's Plaything

    Burda 9637 Kid's Plaything

    Funny stuffed animals for cuddling. Bear, cat and piglet - all are made of left-over pieces of fabric and filled with plush wool....

    Reg: RM39.99

  • Simplicity 1630 Tablet Carry Case

    Simplicity 1630 Tablet Carry Case

    8" X 10" carry case fits tablet, with 2 handle options, zipper closure & pockets 8" X 5" E-book readers: C styled for Kindle, D styled for Google Nexus Covers require purchased E-book reader swivel stand....

    Reg: RM29.99

  • Simplicity 1511 Girl's Coordinates

    Simplicity 1511 Girl's Coordinates

    Have fun dressing your favourite doll to match you Child's knit top, tunic, dress, pants, leggings and eye mask come with matching pieces to fit an 18" doll Simplicity sewing pattern....

    Reg: RM29.99

  • Simplicity 1514 Animal Hats

    Simplicity 1514 Animal Hats

    Wear this warm animal hat with built in mittens out in the cold or just for fun Dress your favourite 18" doll up like you with a matching hat Child's hats in three sizes s(19"), M(20"), L(21")....

    Reg: RM29.99

  • Out Of Stock McCalls M7489 Plush Robot Toys

    McCalls M7489 Plush Robot Toys

    This Plush Robot Toys consist of three plush robot toys with eye and mouth appliques.

    Reg: RM39.99

  • Out Of Stock McCalls M7490 Placemats, Witch Hat & Wreaths

    McCalls M7490 Placemats, Witch Hat & Wreaths

    This Pumpkin Placemats/Table Runner, Witch Hat/Legs, and Wreaths consist of wreath A that has contrast tulle strips and leaves with optional purchased flowers. Hat B is unlined with contrast band. Legs C have contrast shoes and buckles. Placemat D with contrast reverse side, stem and leaves. Runner ...

    Reg: RM39.99

  • Out Of Stock McCalls M7520 Apparel for 11.5" Doll

    McCalls M7520 Apparel for 11.5" Doll

    This McCalls M7520 Gowns, Stole, Dresses, Coats & Hat for 11.5 inch Doll consist of dresses�A, B�that have lined bodice. Fur�C�is lined, with purchased ribbon ties. Dress�D�has contrast overlay and lined bodice. Jacket, Dress�E�have contrast hat, band, collar and bodice. Dress�F�has contrast bodice ...

    Reg: RM45.99

  • Out Of Stock McCalls M7521 Outfits for 18" Doll

    McCalls M7521 Outfits for 18" Doll

    This McCalls M7521 Athletic & Dance Outfits for 18 inch Doll consist of outfit�A�that has top, pant and swimsuit with purchased ribbons. Outfit�B�has leotard, Capri pants, skirt and shoes. Outfit�C�has leotard, tights, skirt, headband, leg warmers and shoes. Outfit�D�has leotard, leg warmers, tights...

    Reg: RM45.99

  • Out Of Stock McCalls M7522 Stuffed Toys

    McCalls M7522 Stuffed Toys

    This McCalls M7522 Woodland Animal Stuffed Toys consist of toy�A that�has contrast feet and beak. Toy�B�has contrast back.�D, E�have tail with contrast tail tip. All views have appliqu� faces. Patterns designed for the beginner. Easy-to-follow instructions and basic sewing tips. With this pattern yo...

    Reg: RM45.99

  • Out Of Stock McCalls M7523 Christmas Stockings

    McCalls M7523 Christmas Stockings

    This McCalls M7523 Christmas Stockings in Four Styles consist of stocking�A�that has contrast ruffle and middle and lower sections. Stocking�B�has contrast ruffle and shoe with purchased pleated trim. Stocking�C�has contrast cuff and front and back sections. Stocking�D�has contrast front and back ov...

    Reg: RM45.99

  • Out Of Stock McCalls M7524 Christmas Decorations

    McCalls M7524 Christmas Decorations

    This McCalls M7524 Christmas Table Runners, Decorations, Chair Back Cover & Silverware Holder consist of hat decorations�A, B�that have contrast band.�B:�Optional belt/buckle or leaves/berries detail. Legs�C, D�are three-dimensional. Table Runners�E, F�have three-dimensional legs and lining. Chair D...

    Reg: RM45.99

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